How To Make Homemade Tomatoes Ketchup

If you’re growing Tomatoes in your garden and you have plucked too much of it, Homemade ketchup is a great way to use excess tomatoes from your garden. Although, there are many variations of Ketchup in the market but the homemade tomato variation can be healthy rather than buying. Truly, we have all eaten tomatoes Ketchup like Heinz and Maggi  so some might really find it difficult to get used to homemade Ketchup, but giving it a try is worth it.



  • Tomato Juice
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Vinegar
  • Chopped Onions
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Ground Cloves
  • Powdered paprika
  • Chilli
  • Ground White Pepper
  • Colour

Preparing the Tomato Ketchup

  • Select your tomatoes for good ones
  • Immerse tomatoes (whole) in hot water for 3-6 seconds. Spray with cold water.
  • Peel off tomato skin by pulling the skin back from the blossom end
  • Remove the seed neatly with a knife
  • Pulp the tomatoes in a blender and strain
  • Heat the tomato pulp in an open pan for 1 hour
  • While boiling, add all spices and salt into the boiling puree. Add the sugar syrup.
  • Boil until you have the consistency you desire.
  • Allow the ketchup to cool.

You can serve with the food of your choice and store the rest in your refrigerator.

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Reason Why You Shouldn’t Drink Very Hot Beverage This Rainy Season

As the rainy season is here again, It’s the season for warm or hot beverage drink. It is very  Important for all Nigerian to keep warm during the rainy season because man’s immunity can be very low during the rains. So people can ward off some diseases by simply keeping warm, according to research.

While you’d love a satisfying cup of coffee, here are few facts you need to know about the risk of drinking hot beverages.  Recently, according to the  International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC Drinking very hot beverages “probably” causes cancer of the oesophagus.

Coffee is fine if you drink it at “normal serving temperatures rather than high temperature” says the International Agency.

Oesophageal cancer is the eighth most common form of cancer worldwide causing deaths of around 400,000 in 2012. So ”Let your drink cool down before drinking it” said WHO’s spokesperson Gregory Hartl who also advised to not consume food and drinks when they are at a very hot, scalding hot, temperature. Because evidence points to drinking hot beverages at temperatures above 65°C as having the potential of causing cancer of the gullet.

Source: Reuters/AFP

Tomato Pastes Sold In Nigeria Market Are Fake – Tomato Paste Manufacturers

It has come to the notice of consumers that 91.1% of Tomato paste sold in the market are substandard.

This information is coming from the Tomato pastes manufacturers in the country who told the House of Representatives Joint Committees on Healthcare Services and Drugs and Narcotics that over 91.1 percent of tomato pastes in the country were fake. Some of the tomato pastes manufacturing companies that attended the public hearing were Dangote Farms, Erisco Foods Limited and Savanna Farms.

At the meeting, the House has condemned the alleged importation of dangerous killer tomato pastes imported into the country and promised to carry out investigations into the matter.  Meanwhile, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, has fined the Erisco Foods what it called administrative charge of N1 million for an alleged unauthorised advertisement of Erisco range of products without getting clearance and approval from the agency.

In his submission, the legal adviser of Erisco Foods, Abdulraham Kadri told the committee that the company, alongside Dangote Farms and Savanna Farms, were not at the public hearing because of the financial damage substandard and fake tomato pastes had caused the country.

Food Spice: The Hot Pepper List And Their Benefits

Do you know that there are multiply varieties of pepper that come in unique shapes, flavours and hotness? If you love spicy peppers, then this list is for you! Learn about some of the hottest peppers and it benefits.

Ata Rodo or fresh pepper is a variety of chilli pepper. This is commonly used in many Nigerian dishes to make the food really spicy. This red bell pepper is one of the hottest pepper in the world and are often used in sauces and condiments. When eaten in excess, you’re at risk of having running stool.

ata rodo

Popularly called BAWA in Nigeria, This pepper is a rich source of potassium, calcium and vitamins such as beta-carotene, B complexes, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. The botanical name of cayenne pepper is Capsicum annum and the Yoruba name is BAWA. Cayenne pepper is  said to be medicinal as it can treat hypertension when mixed with honey and boiled with water.

Bawa Pepper

Cameroon pepper ,also known as yellow pepper or black pepper is another hottest pepper in the world. It has a very unique flavour and aroma when used to prepare an African soup. It also has lots of health benefits like aiding proper digestion, helps to prevent the formation of intestinal gas and it can promote sweating and urination, which removes toxins from the body.

cameroon pepper

Green pepper aren’t hot peppers, they are in-fact sweet peppers used to prepare a tasty meal. Since this type of pepper has no much heat, it comes with nutritional benefits like fiber, vitamin C and E. Eating a diet rich in vegetables, including green bell peppers, reduces your risk of certain chronic illnesses. A 2006 article published in the “Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine” reports that the antioxidants in vegetables reduce free radical damage.


Tatashey pepper in Nigeria is another set of pepper you must include when preparing the Nigerian stew. It is known to thicken and make your stew look more reddish. Also hot like its counterpart ata rodo, it’s also widely used in many African homes.


If you’re interested in cooking with any of these super hot chillies, just remember to  use the right quantity and when washing, use a kitchen hand glove.

The Benefits And Detriments Of Eating Frog Leg Delicacy

Imagine walking into a good restaurant and you ordered for any new delicacy you haven’t tried yet your entire life. After being served the drink of your choice, few minutes later came a well prepared delicacy known as Frog Legs. what would be your first reaction? jump into it because it’s so inviting or ask about the benefits of the meal?

Well if your reaction is to pay for the meal and start eating, please think twice again. Although, Frog Legs are one of the better-known delicacies of French and Chinese cuisine, the legs of edible frogs are also consumed in other parts of the world. But it is prepared and consumed with extreme caution. Here are the Advantage and disadvantage of this delicacy

Benefits of eating Frog Legs
Frog legs are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and potassium. They are said to taste like Chicken,  The taste and texture of frog meat is approximately between chicken and fish.

Because  frogs exist in the fields and their bodies accept agrochemicals which are used liberally in fields. These are cancerous elements. We are hoping that people will take note of it,” a wildlife official said. But further research suggest that eating only the legs are not as harmful as other part of the body.

So when served a delicacy, especially when its a strange meal, always ask questions.

Reasons Why Tomatoes Scarcity Lingers In Nigeria

As the tomatoes scarcity now deepens, is their any hope in price reduction for consumers any time soon? These and many more questions that arises each day. Tomatoes which is now the new gold, have been causing lot of tension in the street of Lagos. Not only does four pieces of Tomato goes for N500 , also bags of tomatoes are now being snatched away from fellow Nigerians. Really, Nigerians have been affected by this scarcity.


Well, there has been several factors listed as the possible reason for the scarcity. First is the heavy rains that is really affecting  the northern states of Nigeria together with the pest/larvae affecting the tomatoes known as Tuta absoluta.  Others also claim  Aliko Dangote is to blame.  But according to, one Mr. Mohammed Musa, a Mallam in Kano said that “Dangote shouldn’t be blamed for the scarcity because farmers don’t have tomatoes in their farms and the ones who have prefer to sell to Dangote instead of allowing it to get bad.”

Furthermore, he stated that some of these farmers have abandoned planting tomatoes because they cannot afford the high cost of petrol to power the pumping machines to irrigate the farms.

So is there any Hope? Well we all need to keep a positive mind-set and hope that the measures in which the Farmers have put in place to contain the situation would be effective.

Last year, farmers in some parts of Nigeria recorded total losses as the pest infested their farms. However, with demand for tomatoes not as high as it has become due to industrialization, the effect was not immediately felt. But we hope this years scarcity does not drag long.

Reason Why Nigeria Could Face Food Shortage Soon

According to reports, Nigeria is owing local fertilizer suppliers an outstanding debt of N72 billion. This is indicative of a lackadaisical attitude towards agriculture and could result in food shortage for the whole country, which paints a pretty gloomy picture for the citizens, who are already suffering through a petroleum crisis and a lack of basic amenities. It may strike some as odd that fertilizer suppliers could actually have any serious impact on the nation’s food production.

The debt owed to FEPSAN, however, is an inherited one as it has been accumulating since 2014 from the past administration. The past government was accused of passing on the debt from his administration to the current Buhari administration.

If faced with a food crisis, we can be sure that the country will also battle with social vices. In his 2002 journal on food crisis, Zakariya D. Goshit said inadequate nutrition, which is a consequence of food shortage, always results in lawlessness. “Food problems have forced some Nigerians to engage in activities which have a negative impact on the nation. These social vices include ethnic-religious conflicts, armed robbery, prostitution, child- trafficking, corruption, etc. A hungry man is an easy target for selfish members of the bourgeoisie who would buy their services for a price to foment anarchy within the society.”

Credit: venturesafrica

Should Buyers Beware! As Africa now becomes A Dumping Ground For Poisonous Food

The minister of State, Agriculture and Rural Development, Senator Heineken Lokpobiri, said African countries have become dumping ground for poisonous food which are imported.

Lokpobiri made the assertion during a press conference at the weekend that the food that passes through the border between Benin Republic and Nigeria are mostly deadly food.  Benin Republic people don’t even eat them but allow those commodities to come into our country.

He said “The frozen chicken contains formalin preservation used for corpses, and the bags of rice from Asia have been in their warehouses for more than 15 years, and have lost nutritional value, which they ship down to Nigerians and other African countries to eat.”

He also maintained that the Buhari-led administration will not accept that again in Nigeria, rather will massively invest in the sector and depend on local food producers and processors, because it will be good for the health of Nigerians and save huge money spent on food importation.

Morning Banana Diet Plan – Weight Loss

The diet is known as morning banana diet and is very simple and easy to conduct. The answer why this diet “works” so good is in the fact that bananas stimulate digestion and fasten the metabolism.

Another positive thing is that bananas is rich with starch which has a low glycemic index, it digests for a long time, gives the feeling of being full for a long time and partially blocks the absorption of carbohydrates. It has Fiber that passes through without being digested and in the same time bananas helps burn fat and block the absorption of carbohydrates. The people which will chose this diet are advised to have dinner before 8 pm and to avoid the desert after dinner.

An example for a daily menu:


-one or more bananas (until you fill full)

-one glass of warm water


-Meal by your choice and fresh salad

-Sweet snacks are allowed until 3 pm, if you feel hunger


-Meal which contains many vegetables