Vegetable sauce

Green Veggies with Smoked Fish

Another sauce that can be used to enjoy boiled yam or rice is green vegetable sauce especially when it is prepared with smoked fish or egg. As we know, vegetable gives essential vitamins that keep the body healthy.

 For me, Veggies as I call it, is another of my favorite sauce for yam and I actually prepare mine in two ways either plain veggies or spiced veggies.  Like curry fish sauce , this is one healthy meal that is fun eating.


Green vegetable (Shredded)

Fresh pepper & Tomatoes

Smoked fish

1 medium Onion

Red Oil (1 cooking spoon)

Salt to taste

Maggi seasoning



Wash and dice your fresh tomatoes and pepper, onion and keep aside

Wash the smoked fish with warm water and pick out the tiny bones

Get a medium clean pot and dry

Pour a cooking spoon of red oil and allow to fry till it turns light gold then turn in the diced onion and tomatoes and allow to fry for 3 minutes before adding the smoked fish.

Add Maggi seasoning and salt to taste

Then add the shredded green vegetable and allow to cook for 5 minutes

Veggies is ready to be served!

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