African Food Delivery App For Nigerians Living Abroad – Ojaexpress .com

A new app for food delivery service that will bring hard-to-find African grocery items like smoked goat, melon seeds and garri right to your door is now available.

Gone are the days of spending hours in traffic just to get to the market and facing the hustle of the crowded market or waiting in long lines for your cultural food. Since I heard about this app in my opinion, I would say it is food stuff shopping made easier.

This new app know as ”OjaExpress” allows users to utilize their time more effectively, and spend time doing things they find more valuable and enjoyable.

It is  available to those who resides outside Nigeria mainly in Chicago area but would son be extended to those in New York .

The co-founder said customers can make special requests and can also use the app to look up the recipe.  While Sobitan said they’re in the process of partnering with local African restaurants.

Anyone with a smartphone can download the free app and create a profile. The operation is similar to Peapod, an online grocery delivery service. Boyede Sobitan, 34, of Bronzeville, and co-founder Fola Dada launched OjaExpress  this last month of November

According to the founder, the app takes away the inconvenience and commute outside of the neighbourhood. There is also same-day delivery, and the service is available throughout Chicago.

Culled from dnainfo.com

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