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Hotel Review: Western Dreams Abuja

So myself and Hubby took a short vacation to Abuja in order to grace an occasion with a family member. Right before we left our home, we booked the hotel of our choice based on the reviews we garnered online. As you read, please know that this is a honest review.  Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by the Security man on ground that assisted us with our luggage.

My first observation and admiration was the beautiful scenery, it ‘s such a relieve to walk or drive into such a quiet and peaceful environment. So seeing the environment, I expected nothing less from the moment I walked into the Hotel.  The reception hall didn’t say much about what to expect, so while the receptionist was confirming booking, I patiently waited, itching to get  pass the glass door.

Western dreams reception

Alas! from the staircase climbing up to our room, it felt like I was  in a hospital environment as the first turn off was the colour of the wall paintings. I exclaimed  ”who does this for a hotel? what kind of colours are this? I have always thought hotels uses bright colours like white , off white, cream colour to brighten up the lobby and rooms but using green and black OMG! it was a big time turn off.

Western dreams Room

Well we told ourselves we would just blind our eyes to the colours and count down to the check out day.

The room we paid for was well arranged but really overpriced and overrated online because the services we expected to have and enjoyed that was advertised was actually meant for the lower rooms. As I said earlier the colour combination was not  appealing .

As we walked into the rooms, Hubby’s first touch was the bed, he loves his bed soft but this mattress was as hard as a rock. Gosh…. had we made a mistake booking this hotel? I thought to myself. Then we check the bathrooms, it wasn’t welcoming, just there like a normal bathroom in someone home. What got me pissed further was the dull white towel they hanged for guests. That towel although dry cleaned is old enough to be use as foot rag in my house. I wondered how much it would cost to buy fresh white towels , I wondered if the General manager or Hotel supervisor does a routine check on the rooms to know what needs replacement.

Room Service

The room service too was very poor as we had to call with our mobile phone for every single thing that was supposed to be in the room but wasn’t there, like an additional towel, fixing the table phone intercom, changing of the towels enabling wifi etc it took hours before we got response.

The meals tested good but overpriced. We had the opportunity to eat just once as we spent more time with friends and families.

Breakfast@ western dream

Would I say we had three great evenings there? Obviously No!
Would we come back to Western Dreams Hotel again? I don’t think so.

Advice: Never be fooled by pictures and recommendation you read online. Seeing is believing

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