Kitchen gadgets are always a great and useful investment because everybody eats, after all! Even for those who don’t necessarily enjoy cooking, it’s still nicer to spend time in modern kitchens, and it’s always easier if you have the tools to make the process as pleasant as possible. The seven tools below are absolutely worth adding to your collection. These unusual kitchen gadgets will make your life easier and save you time when cooking like other kitchen essentials.

Multipurpose Slicer & Grater

We always wondered if most of our culinary jobs could be done with a single tool and yet won’t be painful, saving us some more time in the cooking paradise. Well, our prayers have been listened to. One of the best kitchen tools, this multipurpose tool is created to perform most of your cutting, chopping, grating, slicing, and other cooking preparations fast and efficiently.

Digital kitchen timer

Why should your kitchen tools stay behind when the entire world is going digital? A timer is an integral part of the kitchen environment, and valuable time can be wasted going back and forth to set and reset timers for various tasks. Timers must be set to monitor functions like cooking, warming and cooling, ingredient freshness, and even cleaning and sanitizing.

 Corn Zipper

 This unique kitchen gadget is the easiest and safest way to remove corn kernels from the cob. 

This device uses the same motion you would shuck corn. One swipe and rows of kernels will cascade off the cob. It’s perfect for summer and spring salads, salsas, and any recipe where you need fresh corn kernels. 

Avocado Slicer

Grab this handy assistant to scoop and slice at the same time. The racquet-shaped slicer will turn out flawlessly cut pieces of avocado every time. No more harrying shots with your kitchen knife or smooshed and uneven parts. Some even come with a blade to open the avocado and a tool to extract the pit.

Herb Stripper

Remove fresh herbs neatly from the stalk with one easy motion. Different-sized gaps allow for different-sized stems. Storage is a snap since these gadgets are about the size of a letter opener. Simply put the fresh herbs on one side and pull the stem through the other. Separate stems and leaves in seconds.

Defrost Tray

Ever open the refrigerator to get ingredients for a recipe and realize the main dish is still frozen? At this moment, what is left there to do than speed dial pizza delivery? Wait, wait. Keep the phone. You got this. A defrost tray cuts the time in half to melt frozen meat. What’s more, it assists in keeping your kitchen sanitary. Lower the risk of cross-contamination by keeping raw meat on the defrost tray out from the rest of your ingredients.

Meat Tenderizer

Break down muscle fibers quickly and make less-expensive cuts just as tender as costly, naturally tender cuts. By cutting through connective tissues and creating rivers of marinade throughout the cut, a good meat tenderizer can improve a meal substantially, with little added work.

With the above kitchen gadgets you will be spending a little less time in the kitchen, and a little more time with yourself.

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