5 Ways You Can Spend Less On A Vacation

The holidays are around the corner and many families have either traveled for their summer vacation or are getting ready to do so. With the Naira increasingly under pressure, it is important to avoid unnecessary expenses that just make your travel experience regrettable. Here are practical examples of keep our expenses in check.  This is based on personal experience and that of others.

Airport shops
Experience they say is the best teacher. If you have ever bought anything as little as bottle water at any of the airport shops you would agree with me that the prices are outrageous. While experience shows that some things you buy at the airport may be cheaper than they are in town, it doesn’t apply to everything. In fact, they are pretty much expensive when compared to discount shops or outlet malls. Don’t ever think you are getting a bargain when you buy things at the airport.

 Pack your food
As weird as it may sound, packing your own food helps you to save money and time, especially while you’re traveling. A typical meal that you can pack will include a sandwich, chips, fruits and fried meats or chicken. This is so much cheaper than having everyone go into a popular fast food restaurant and order a large meals. Packing your own food helps you to save money and time, especially while you’re traveling. I tried this and it really helped me save some cash. Typically I prefer packing fried/ grilled chicken and chips.

Find restaurants where kids eat free
Sometimes, we could include the children in the vacation and this could mean more expense, so before you leave on the trip, Do a search online for the town we will be in that day, followed by the words, “kids eat free.” OR ” restaurant with discount for kids” There are websites that regularly update which restaurants gives discount for kids.

Telephone roaming
When you travel abroad, especially for the first time you should remember you pay about ten times the cost of making calls if you were in Nigeria and also pay for calls that you receive. Also, Text messages are also about ten times what it cost. Data roaming is even more expensive. The easiest way to avoid telephone roaming while on vacation is to get a new SIM card when you get to your destination. For data roaming you can go to the settings of your phone and simply switch it off.

Drive, instead of fly
Most of the time, if you are traveling with a family, it will be much less expensive to drive, instead of fly. We like to research where the cheapest gas prices will be and fill up in those locations. We have also researched how to save money on gasoline and have implemented many of these tactics while traveling.

Healthy Eating: Truth About Eating Too Much Fish

Few days ago I eat a foreign fish named Baby hack and calamari Fish from Shop rite. Photos coming soon.

Actually, Hubby bought it  from shoprite while on his way back from a meeting. He felt hungry and he stopped by to grab a quick lunch. So he had seafood rice with this baby hack fish to his meal and oh goodness… he could not describe how tasty and filling this fish was.

He knew I wouldn’t forgive him if he comes back home telling me about this delicious meal he eat. So it was thoughtful of him to have brought some home otherwise, hum… I rest my case Lol…
So the next day after enjoying this sumptuous meal, It felt like I added some weight overnight because I felt fuller and rounder. *wink*

These got us talking about the possibility for one to feed on fish for a whole week and the health benefits that comes with eating more of fish than meat, like eating grilled fish, smoked fish, fried fish boil fish, barbecued fish etc.

My Finding and Thoughts

While there is nothing wrong with eating fish because fish is good for you as the omega-3 fatty acids found in these fish are known to be good for the heart and brain. But, as with many foods, the key is to make sure you’re not having too much.

While our mission is to eat healthy, Our focus should be that our diet is also rich in the other heart and blood pressure-friendly foods, such as fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrains, and that you drink plenty of water (2.5 litres a day.

So whether you like your fish smoked, grilled or fried, always remember to have them in moderation as studies have shown that eating excessive amounts of smoked foods even fish can increase our risk of certain cancers, particularly of the stomach and colon.

Buyers Beware! Fake Alcoholic Drinks In The Market

The National Agency for Foods and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has alerted Nigerians of the prevalence of fake alcoholic drinks, especially dry in the nation’s markets.

Dr Abubakar Jimoh, its Director, Special Duties, disclosed that the agency had continued to advise consumers of alcoholic beverages to be alert and be very wary of fake and unregistered drinks.
“Drinking alcohol is bad enough and people are always advised to take it in moderation; so, the danger associated with taking a fake drink can only be imagined,” he said.

Jimoh said that the agency had taken its campaign against fake drinks into many other states in north.

He also added that Nafdac has continued to intensify the campaigns and that has resulted into some states coming up with bylaws that banned some alcoholic beverages.
“We have also raided production and drinking points of some of these dangerous drinks, especially in Edo and Delta States, because the drinks have damaged many livers, kidneys and other vital organs of the body.
“They have also led to the gradual decline in the health status of many youths and totally destroyed their capacity to contribute to societal development,” he said.

5 Must Eat Restaurants In Kano State

Have you ever visited Kano state? If not you need to take a trip to the  state as it is not just the second populated city in Nigeria, but a place to have sweet delicious meal when you visit.

We bring you 5 best restaurants to visit in Kano to have that tasty meal you can imagine.


Cilantro is a place to enjoy some quality time with family and loved ones, also a place to hangout with a few buddies to see that much anticipated soccer game. You can try the Sunday buffet, it promises to be a foodie heaven. Located at 67 Sultan Rd., Kano, Nigeria.

Corner restaurant is a place of maximum relaxation and a place to enjoy some of the best of Arabian dishes. The ambience and food matches the best of Arabian standards.
P.S. Try the Arabian Grilled Chicken, Thank us later. Located at Lafia Road / Sultan Road Corner, Kano, Nigeria.

Meals and More is a home for Indian foods. Meals and more offers a bit more to the eat/drink experience, a good place to grab that quick munchies while settled with a cold drink. Located at 14, New Hospital Road, Kano , Nigeria.

Meal &More
A good spot for that quick bite, you can get the best pizza and barbecue, as well as a good combination of Indian cuisine. Located at 3, Bompai Road, Kano, Kano, Nigeria.


For the Kano faithful, this is not a new jolly zone, relocated but the food has managed to remain the same over the past 7-8 years. Home to beautiful Indian cuisine and music, find yourself a peaceful meal at this location. Located at 20 Alu Avenue, Kano, Nigeria.


Don’t forget to give yourself a good treat the next time you get into Kano.

Credit: hotels.ng

How To Differentiate Prawns From Shrimps

On my way back from an early morning walk, I caught sight of a local seller of sea foods such as craps, shrimps and possibly prawn. Why did I say possibly because I usually get confused with differentiating shrimp from prawn.
In many parts of the world, people find it quite difficult to distinguish between crayfish, prawn and shrimp. A large population of people don’t care what they are called and It doesn’t matter to some whether they are calling  shrimps as prawns, they just want to eat it.

The points and image below would help anyone also having difficulty differentiating them


  • Gill Structure –  Prawns have branching gills while Shrimp feature lamellar gills, which are plate-like in structure.
  • Relative Size Prawns are typically larger than shrimps. Shrimp are generally smaller than prawns.
  • Leg Structure Prawns have longer legs than shrimp. Also, prawns usually have claws on three pairs of their legs Shrimp have shorter legs and have claws only on two pairs of legs.
  • Culinary Since prawns are larger, you get fewer in number per pound, and subsequently priced higher per unit. Also, much as prawns and shrimp are similar in taste, prawns are considered more of a delicacy because of their size. Since shrimp are smaller in size, they get cooked slightly quicker than prawns.  Sautéing shrimp for longer might make it rubbery and closer to dry fish. Other than that, they taste very similar to prawns.

Please drop a comment on how you differentiate Shrimps from Prawns.

Say Hello To Weed Wine The Latest In Wine Making

As you may know that there are different types of wines which can be classified either by it taste or color. But the color of wine is one of the most easily recognizable characteristics of wine. So in terms of color we have white wine, rose wine and red wine. But have we come across green wine?

So recently, a trendy new green wine, ”Canna Vine or Pot wine” as some call it has garnered quite a bit of attention since it was produced in the U.S. This green wine, however, is more than just its color — it’s essentially the combination of wine and weed. Due to the fermentation process these wines undergo, the wines are less potent than you might expect. “The result is a mellow, physical ‘body high’ rather than a more disorienting mental high,” the Los Angeles Times explains.

Its important to note that this wine is not about getting a buzz. Makers of this wine says the Cannabidiol extract in their wine can help cancer patients, those with sleep disorders, glaucoma and people with schizophrenia. Its providing quality medicine to those in need in wine form, its what it’s really all about.”

Don’t expect to find it at your local wine shop anytime soon. Because California is the only state where this green wine is commercially available with a medical marijuana card. Canna Vine certainly isn’t the first one to create weed wine. As the Los Angeles Times reports, “Pot wine, also known as green wine has probably been around almost as long as there has been pot and wine.

As you might expect, weed wine doesn’t come cheap. A half-bottle of the green liquid might cost you anywhere between $120 to $400.

Source: via feedly.

10 Foods To Boost Your Liver Function

A healthy liver plays a key role in relieving digestive issues, such as a sluggish metabolism, gas, bloating, and constipation. It regulates blood sugar levels, which, when out of balance, can cause sugar cravings, fatigue, and fuzzy thinking.
A toxic liver can lead to inflammatory diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and autoimmune diseases. Without a healthy liver, you may suffer from hormonal imbalances that can cause headaches, mood swings, and depression. It’s time to nurture this amazing organ with foods that help it function optimally.


Water plays a vital role in every bodily function. Other than oxygen, your body needs water more than any other substance, including food, just to survive. Your body uses water to flush toxins and waste products away from your body. Usually 8 to 10 glasses (8 oz) will do the trick; try these naturally flavored water recipes to start. Just don’t overdo it—too much water can be harmful, too.
And skip the ice when you’re drinking water between meals; your body uses energy to warm the ice, diluting important digestive enzymes.


One of the oldest land-based medicinal foods on the planet, garlic contains an active sulfur-based compound called allicin, a critical supporter of liver detoxification. It helps the organ rid your body of mercury, certain food additives, and the hormone estrogen. It is used for many conditions related to the heart and blood system, so you may want to ignore the smell when you chew it and enjoy the health benefits.chopped-onion

Onions and Leeks

Onion and leeks have multiple health benefits. These garlic relatives contain sulfur compounds that support your liver in its production of glutathione, a compound that neutralizes free radicals.

Egg salad

Eggs provide some of the highest-quality protein, containing all eight essential amino acids, cholesterol, and the essential nutrient choline. Your liver needs these essential amino acids to perform detoxification processes. Choline, a coenzyme needed for metabolism, is found in egg yolk and protects your liver from toxins while detoxifying heavy metals.


The family of Beries such as; Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries are among nature’s superfoods because they contain phytochemicals—antioxidant-rich plant compounds that help your liver protect your body from free radicals and oxidative stress, which have been linked to chronic diseases and aging. Anthocyanin and polyphenols found in berries have been shown to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in the liver.


Apples, like berries, contain powerful phenolic compounds, including flavonoids, which can fight inflammatory disease. They also contain pectin, a valuable source of soluble fiber than can help eliminate toxic buildup.


A great source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, freshly ground flaxseed helps regulate hormone levels.


Coconut Oil
An extremely healthy saturated fat, coconut oil is easy to digest and is almost immediately broken down by enzymes in your saliva and gastric juices. This means that your body doesn’t need to make fat-digesting enzymes, which puts less strain on your liver.


A vital source of monounsaturated fat rich in oleic acid, avocados contain glutathione, an essential nutrient for liver health.
Half an Avocado contains 3.4 grams of fibre, including soluble and insoluble, both of which your body needs to keep the digestive system running smoothly


Ginger antioxidants possess anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. Ginger supports detoxification by nourishing your liver, promoting circulation, unclogging blocked arteries, and lowering blood cholesterol by as much as 30%.

We should Bear in mind that most of the food we eat are chemically grown or preserved so regular body cleansing is a sure way to live healthy.

Event: The 3 Days Lagos International Food And Drink Festival To hold On October, 2016

Are you looking for an exciting event to attend? The biggest celebration of food, drinks, music and culture in Nigeria is here again! The Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival will hold from October 14-16, 2016 at the Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island – Lagos.

The Festival will feature a wide array of exciting activities including:
1. Indigenous cuisine and drinks sampling from over 60 Nigerian ethnic groups
2. Competitions – Cooking, Music, Dance, Eating, Drinking
3. Live musical performances renowned Nigerian artists
4. Live Comedy Shows
5. Food Art Exhibition
6. Dance performances by cultural troupes
7. Chef masterclasses
8. Children’s fun activities
9. Wine tasting
10. Seminar on Food and Nutrition
11. SMSE match-making breakout sessions
12. Exhibition and sales bazaar
13. The FoodFest & DrinkFest
14. Co-celebration of the World Food Day
15. Nigeria Food and Drink Industry Award Dinner
Gate: Free

Find out more on www.lagosfoodanddrinksfest.com

Cost: Free – Gate is Free!

Categories:  Singles &Festivals | Nightlife

Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.

Jumia Food Ordering Service Want You To Be Food Smart

To all food lovers and workaholics, Jumia food is turning the rest of this month into Super September!  Jumia Food is bringing your food right to your door step.

Just order the food you love from any of your favourite restaurants and have it delivered fast! Simply download the Jumia Food app or visit food.jumia.com.ng and get 30% off some of your favourite restaurants in Lagos and Abuja for the rest of this month!

Note: Offer for new customers only!!
Follow these simple steps to be food smart today:
1. Download the Jumia Food app or log onto food.jumia.com.ng;
2. Choose your location in either Lagos or Abuja;
3. Select one of the following restaurants depending on your location: Lagos – Ghana High, The Place, Shawarma & Co Abuja – Johnny Rockets, Sawadee Oriental, Chicken Capitol
4. Select the meal that catches your eye;
5. Enter the voucher code SUPERFOOD on the checkout page;
6. Sit back, relax, and welcome your food with open arms upon speedy delivery;

Don’t forget to share a picture of your Super September meal and tag us on social media @JumiaFoodNG for a chance to win a free meal voucher!

Photos Of Food Wastage In Delta State Due To Bad Roads

Despite the hard economy in the country it’s sad to see food being wasted due to heavy rains and bad road.

A lady named Adaeze Ogbuenyi is requesting for the government’s immediate intervention in Aballa Uno, Ndokwa East LGA of Delta state, to prevent further food wastage in this difficult economic period. According to her:

“These are farm produce (pictured) wasting in my home town, Aballa Uno in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta state. Thousands of people are going hungry in Nigeria but these produce can’t get to them due to bad road. This town is a major producer of cassava, yams and plantain. Fish etc..
I want to use this medium to appeal to the NDDC, Delta state government and the Federal government to come to the rescue. The contract for this road has been awarded to Interbau company years back but nothing has been done.”

Photo below…

Food waste