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Food Competition – The Chopped Junior Winner 12-Year-Old Nadjah Bray Tells What Inspired Her

One of my favourite TV programme is chopped on food network.  I felt so proud of a young 12 years old Nadja Bray who entered this food competition to support her twin autistic brothers. She is such a great cook.

She felt so proud of herself and believes the meaning of her name in Swahili which means ”Success ”as well as helping her family is her motivation. Bray also said she got into cooking to help her family deal with the added stress of having children with unique needs.

When asked what she would do should she win the $10,000 grand prize, Bray replied, “It’s hard to have younger siblings with autism, because it’s hard to communicate with them sometimes.  I want to win $10,000 because I want to make a website for older siblings that have younger siblings with autism, and I just want to help other kids out there if they’re going through what I went through.”

Bray did end up winning the competition, thanks to her excellent cooking skills, and it seems clear that she’s got a bright future ahead of her. Watch her as she expresses her joy in this video chopped junior winner

Photo credit: Foodnetwork

World Jollof Rice Day And Ten Things You Should Know About Jollof Rice

World Jollof rice day is the day set aside to celebrate this wonderful cuisine.  I remember while growing up, I usually wondered why the name ”Jollof’’ and where did it originate from?  I never thought most countries in different part of the world also enjoy making Jollof rice .

As I grew older, I realised  that people across the world adore this sumptuous meal. So if you’re a Nigerian, here are ten things you should know about Jollof rice.

Here are ten (10) things, we didn’t know about Jollof Rice;

  • The rice cuisine that is now called jollof rice is originally from the Wolof tribe that’s cuts across the Gambia and Senegal.
  • The rice cuisine is originally a fish-based recipe. But now, its normal to find jollof rice as chicken garnished.
  • The Wolof rice which is now called jollof rice is not a morning meal. It’s an evening meal.
  • The major ingredients for the meal are the tomato sauce. It gives rice to its redness.
  • Many of us don’t know that palm oil and tea-bush leaves are also part of the ingredients used for the preparation of jollof rice.
  • There is a dance that is done in honour of the cuisine.
  • The bottom of the jollof rice pot is more delicious compared to the top.
  • Homemade jollof is not as delicious as the party made jollof rice because it is over spiced with lots of condiments.
  • Jollof rice is better eaten when hot, I mean steaming hot.
  • Take note, Nothing can rival Jollof rice not even EBA (some people’s favourite).

1.5m For Grabs In The INDOMIE Belle Full Comedy Challenge

Do you think you are funny, creative and talented? Do you think you have what it takes to be the next ‘Big Thing’ in Nigerian Comedy? Then join the Biggest Comedy Challenge – The INDOMIE BELLE FULL Comedy Challenge.

Indomie Instant Noodles is offering a lifetime opportunity to aspiring comedy superstars to show the world their vast potentials and become the next trending comedy superstar in Nigeria in the ongoing INDOMIE BELLE FULL Comedy Challenge.

The participants will not only walk away with cash prizes of up to 1.5 million Naira, but be shot into instant stardom in the Nigerian comedy sphere, alongside other mouthwatering benefits.

So, to be the next comedy star, all you need to do is record a funny video using your phone or any camera and follow these rules;

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This comedy challenge ends in three weeks.

Terms and Conditions apply:

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Tomato Pastes Sold In Nigeria Market Are Fake – Tomato Paste Manufacturers

It has come to the notice of consumers that 91.1% of Tomato paste sold in the market are substandard.

This information is coming from the Tomato pastes manufacturers in the country who told the House of Representatives Joint Committees on Healthcare Services and Drugs and Narcotics that over 91.1 percent of tomato pastes in the country were fake. Some of the tomato pastes manufacturing companies that attended the public hearing were Dangote Farms, Erisco Foods Limited and Savanna Farms.

At the meeting, the House has condemned the alleged importation of dangerous killer tomato pastes imported into the country and promised to carry out investigations into the matter.  Meanwhile, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, has fined the Erisco Foods what it called administrative charge of N1 million for an alleged unauthorised advertisement of Erisco range of products without getting clearance and approval from the agency.

In his submission, the legal adviser of Erisco Foods, Abdulraham Kadri told the committee that the company, alongside Dangote Farms and Savanna Farms, were not at the public hearing because of the financial damage substandard and fake tomato pastes had caused the country.

Reason Why Nigeria Could Face Food Shortage Soon

According to reports, Nigeria is owing local fertilizer suppliers an outstanding debt of N72 billion. This is indicative of a lackadaisical attitude towards agriculture and could result in food shortage for the whole country, which paints a pretty gloomy picture for the citizens, who are already suffering through a petroleum crisis and a lack of basic amenities. It may strike some as odd that fertilizer suppliers could actually have any serious impact on the nation’s food production.

The debt owed to FEPSAN, however, is an inherited one as it has been accumulating since 2014 from the past administration. The past government was accused of passing on the debt from his administration to the current Buhari administration.

If faced with a food crisis, we can be sure that the country will also battle with social vices. In his 2002 journal on food crisis, Zakariya D. Goshit said inadequate nutrition, which is a consequence of food shortage, always results in lawlessness. “Food problems have forced some Nigerians to engage in activities which have a negative impact on the nation. These social vices include ethnic-religious conflicts, armed robbery, prostitution, child- trafficking, corruption, etc. A hungry man is an easy target for selfish members of the bourgeoisie who would buy their services for a price to foment anarchy within the society.”

Credit: venturesafrica

Should Buyers Beware! As Africa now becomes A Dumping Ground For Poisonous Food

The minister of State, Agriculture and Rural Development, Senator Heineken Lokpobiri, said African countries have become dumping ground for poisonous food which are imported.

Lokpobiri made the assertion during a press conference at the weekend that the food that passes through the border between Benin Republic and Nigeria are mostly deadly food.  Benin Republic people don’t even eat them but allow those commodities to come into our country.

He said “The frozen chicken contains formalin preservation used for corpses, and the bags of rice from Asia have been in their warehouses for more than 15 years, and have lost nutritional value, which they ship down to Nigerians and other African countries to eat.”

He also maintained that the Buhari-led administration will not accept that again in Nigeria, rather will massively invest in the sector and depend on local food producers and processors, because it will be good for the health of Nigerians and save huge money spent on food importation.

Reason Why Cashew Industry Wants To Boost Output In Nigeria

The Nigerian cashew nut industry is in need of NGN100 billion (USD500.73 mln) to boost production and subsequently increase foreign exchange earnings.

President of the National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN), Pastor Babatola Faseru, has said, he recommended providing high-yielding seedlings to farmers and offering mechanism support.

Faseru said currently, Cashew provides a livelihood for more than 300,000 families with 175,000 tonnes of estimated production for the year.

See more information about the health benefits of Cashew nuts

2016 Cowbellpedia National Competition Is Here Again!

For those who have been waiting for the next competition, here it is. Cowbell National Secondary Schools competition is here again! This year, in the month of march, who will emerge the winner?

The winners of the Cowbellpedia Secondary Schools Mathematics TV Quiz Show in both Junior and Senior categories will be going home with a whooping sum of N1 Million EACH.

2nd and 3rd place winners will get 750,000 and 500,00 cash prize respectively.

So hurray and register your school at

Coca-Cola Launches Newest Brand In Order To Reduce Obesity

Coca-Cola announced it has launched a new brand in Great Britain “Coca-Cola Life” which is made with a mix of sugar and natural sweetener. Its UK and Ireland boss says the product proves Coke’s commitment to tackling the “challenge of obesity”.

The company said  that Coca-Cola Great Britain has reduced the amount of sugar in Coca-Cola Life and upped the stevia content. That means increasing its artificial leaf sweetener.

The new drink contains a higher proportion of plant-based sweetener stevia, containing 19 calories per 100ml.  A 33cl can of Coca-Cola Life will now contain 76 calories and 19g of sugar.

The company further explained today that the new recipe for the Coca-Cola life contains 45% less sugar than regular colas, with an equivalent drop in calories. The first version of Coca-Cola Life, launched in the UK in September 2014, contained a third less sugar.

At last week’s launch of its global marketing strategy for Coca-Cola which sees all variants of Coca-Cola come together under one brand, executives said stevia still required further development,.

A spokesperson for the company Jon Woods, general manager, Coca-Cola GB, said ”The new recipe is “specific to GB” (Great Britain) and Investing in reformulation is just one of the actions we are taking to help people reduce their sugar and calorie intake alongside offering smaller pack sizes, putting colour-coded nutrition labels on the front of all our bottles and cans and increasing the marketing investment in our no sugar colas.”

The company said Coca-Cola Life is now worth GBP35m (US$50m) in sales since its launch. The new version of Coca-Cola Life will be available from April.

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Hellofood To Sell Food Online In Kenya

KFC Kenya and South African sea food restaurant, Ocean Basket, have partnered with Hellofood to sell food online. According to Hellofood it will now deliver food bought from the two restaurants on its online platform to customers across Nairobi.

More and more people have realised that they can order for food online from their mobile phones or computers and have it delivered to their office as they work.  According to MD, Hellofood, Duncan Muchangi he said  ”We are happy to partner with KFC and Ocean Basket to continue to offer this convenience.”

In line with the partnership, both food chains will be looking to maximise on sales by tapping into the robust online market fuelled by a young tech savvy generation and a rapidly ballooning middle class in the country.