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Efo Riro

How To Make Efo Riro Soup (Recipe)

You can never go wrong with an African cuisine like Efo Riro for lunch. Efo Riro is a traditional Vegetable Soup of the Yoruba Tribe in Nigeria.

It is prepared with assorted meat, fish, peppers (tomatoes are added, sometimes and large quantity of green vegetables known as ”Shoko”.  Once prepared, it can be served with hot yam powder aka (Amala) or Semolina.

Actually I had this sumptuous meal at the Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel, Victoria Island where I attended a Conference meeting with fellow online entrepreneurs held by NTEL Nigeria.  As I came across this meal from my photos archive, I remembered how tasty it was and I thought I should share it to my beautiful audience and also praise the cook behind this and other delicious meals that was prepared at the Restaurant of Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel.

So Kudos to Crown restaurant, I’ll definitely recommend you guys to anyone that knows what good food is about.

Western dreams Hotel

Hotel Review: Western Dreams Abuja

So myself and Hubby took a short vacation to Abuja in order to grace an occasion with a family member. Right before we left our home, we booked the hotel of our choice based on the reviews we garnered online. As you read, please know that this is a honest review.  Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by the Security man on ground that assisted us with our luggage.

My first observation and admiration was the beautiful scenery, it ‘s such a relieve to walk or drive into such a quiet and peaceful environment. So seeing the environment, I expected nothing less from the moment I walked into the Hotel.  The reception hall didn’t say much about what to expect, so while the receptionist was confirming booking, I patiently waited, itching to get  pass the glass door.

Western dreams reception

Alas! from the staircase climbing up to our room, it felt like I was  in a hospital environment as the first turn off was the colour of the wall paintings. I exclaimed  ”who does this for a hotel? what kind of colours are this? I have always thought hotels uses bright colours like white , off white, cream colour to brighten up the lobby and rooms but using green and black OMG! it was a big time turn off.

Western dreams Room

Well we told ourselves we would just blind our eyes to the colours and count down to the check out day.

The room we paid for was well arranged but really overpriced and overrated online because the services we expected to have and enjoyed that was advertised was actually meant for the lower rooms. As I said earlier the colour combination was not  appealing .

As we walked into the rooms, Hubby’s first touch was the bed, he loves his bed soft but this mattress was as hard as a rock. Gosh…. had we made a mistake booking this hotel? I thought to myself. Then we check the bathrooms, it wasn’t welcoming, just there like a normal bathroom in someone home. What got me pissed further was the dull white towel they hanged for guests. That towel although dry cleaned is old enough to be use as foot rag in my house. I wondered how much it would cost to buy fresh white towels , I wondered if the General manager or Hotel supervisor does a routine check on the rooms to know what needs replacement.

Room Service

The room service too was very poor as we had to call with our mobile phone for every single thing that was supposed to be in the room but wasn’t there, like an additional towel, fixing the table phone intercom, changing of the towels enabling wifi etc it took hours before we got response.

The meals tested good but overpriced. We had the opportunity to eat just once as we spent more time with friends and families.

Breakfast@ western dream

Would I say we had three great evenings there? Obviously No!
Would we come back to Western Dreams Hotel again? I don’t think so.

Advice: Never be fooled by pictures and recommendation you read online. Seeing is believing

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Garden egg sauce

5 Delicious Food You Should Enjoy In This Month Of December

Enjoy the flavor of this sumptuous meals as we bring to you our top 5 delicious meals for the year 2015.


Coconut rice

This Coconut rice delicacy should be on your top list of meal to enjoy this month. See Recipe here


Iribotor Meal

This traditional meal of the Uroboh’s known as “Iribotor” is essentially a lighter version of the Igbos’ Nkwobi and Isi-Ewu recipes. I very sure you would loved every taste of it. See Recipe


Garden egg sauce

As a nutritious sauce that is healthy to have with rice or yam because it is a very good source of dietary fiber, potassium, and it’s also rich in antioxidants. Recipe here


Plantain,yam pepper soup

Unripe plantain and yam pepper soup is one delicacy you would love to try. I call it the healthiest food in the world because it is rich in Iron and protein. This delicacy, known as ”Ukodo” in Delta state. Recipe here

Irish Potatoes with Catfish

Irish potatoes and fish is another meal that is breaktaking……

Coconut rice

Coconut Rice Delicacy (Recipe)

So this past Sunday after a very long time, I prepared Coconut Rice. Not like its  an unusual meal you get to eat once in a while no…, but when you get to prepare and eat it, you feel this goodness within you. This unique delicacy is not eaten every day in Nigeria but at least once or twice a month depending on the family’s healthy eating habits. It is a Sunday lunch or dinner meal for both family members and their respected guests. Yes, it is an ideal once a month lunch, dinner meal or cuisine loved and enjoyed by all Nigerians. Also, I see Coconut rice as a good alternative to Jollof rice. The only difference is that it is made with a combination of milk extract.

This is just how I feel when eating coconut rice how about you?


1 fresh coconut fruits( to be cracked and seeds grated to extract the milk  or juice.

2 kg of chicken cut into pieces and boiled to be added into the cooking pot for the jollof coconut rice.

2 large onions

10 pieces of fresh chilli pepper

4 spoonful of vegetable oil

4 large fresh tomatoes and chilli peppers (chopped)

4 cups of  white grain rice.

Seasoning cubes to taste

Once all these ingredients are assembled, the cooking is fairly very easy.

Step 1: Break the Coconut fruit away from the shell and use a knife to break the nuts into bits

Step 2: Rinse the Nuts in a clean water and use a grater to grate the Coconut shaft.

Step 3: Boil 3 full cups of water and turn the boiled water into the coconut grated shaft (The hot water help to extract the milk from the Coconut)

Step 4: Use  a sifter to extract the milk then set aside in a clean bowl. Also blend the fresh tomatoes, pepper  and set aside.

Cooking Preparation

Step 5: Wash the chicken thoroughly and bring to boil. Add seasoning like Curry and Thyme, Salt and maggi. When properly cooked, sifter the chicken stock and set aside.(To be used in the rice cooking)  .Also fry the chicken and set aside

Step 6: Wash the rice with clean water twice before parboiling for 15 minutes. Then rinse again and set aside.

Step 7: Take a clean pot and set  on the fire.  Heat up  4 spoonful of  vegetable Oil and turn in the diced onion to fry. Then turn the blended tomatoes puree into the  heat and fry. Add seasoning as desired, then turn in the chicken stock and coconut juice and allow to boil for 5 minutes before adding the parboil rice.

Note: Let water level be equal with rice level so the rice doesn’t overly get soft. Let the coconut milk serve as water if you need to add more to soften the rice.

Step 8: Leave the rice to cook and and serve with fried plantain and Chicken.


Cashew nuts

Reasons Why You Need To Start Eating Cashew Nuts

There is something special about Cashew nuts that makes me never get tired of eating it. At first, I thought maybe its because of the creamy taste, that makes me keep wanting more.

You see, I noticed that Cashew nut is treated as a delicacy in India. A nut that is brought out during the  times of celebration. But generally, it is served as light snack.

So if you are yet to love this nuts, be fast about it as you might be missing out on very important nutrients that keeps your bones strong and healthy like, Calcium and vitamin D, magnesium, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, C, and K are also essential for bone health.

Also, knowing all these benefit makes me crave for more especially the fact that Cashews are cholesterol free and their high antioxidant content helps lower risk of  cardiovascular, heart diseases and helps lower blood pressure.

So you see why I can’t stop craving for more!


Hungry? See The New Food Ordering And Delivery Website At Your Service

Are you Finding it difficult to get and eat good food anywhere in Nigeria? Staying at the office for lunch? Tired of the same takeaways? Wanting your food to be delivered at home to enjoy an evening with your family? Tired of explaining to many different restaurants where you live and how to find you?

Well, you need not worry again because a new delivery service website in Nigeria  “MEALDEAL” helps you order food anywhere in Kwara state, Nigeria. This delivery service, set up of problem solvers, designers, and techies working hard around the clock to make mealdeal the most powerful online platform for food delivery and thus offer you the best online food ordering experience. Mealdeal, believes that ordering food should be easy, fast, reliable and definitely fun! “We wanted something simpler, so we made it due to the hardship we faced while trying to get food at campus , we decided to create Mealdeal”.

No more wondering what is available in a restaurant close to you. has online menus from a selection of restaurants around you. Simply enter your city and search for cuisine type, restaurants or even price range. The restaurant index also includes address and delivery hours. You pay for your food at delivery and with no extra-charge as if you were ordering to the restaurant. Food delivery service has never been made easier!…


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5 Top Local Beers In Nigeria

Nigeria’s beer market is booming  and close to 18 million hectolitres of beer is sold in Nigeria each year. These beer brands are seen in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Every beer has a story with its taste, design and uniqueness all over the world, but in Nigeria, the beer story is not different. Beer is like football in Nigeria, no fan of a beer brand would admit that the other brands are better than his or her preference.

We present to you five Nigerian local beers that have become peoples choice over the years, there is hardly a city or village you would not find these five beers.

Star Lager


Star Lager is the Nigeria’s first ever brewed beer and is growing to be the country’s favourite beer in its 600 ml bottle size and has 5.10 percent alcohol. Star Lager is the beer of choice for many Nigerian This beer has an ever rich foam head and light on the hops.”Star Lite” beer was also introduced into the market to also satisfy the taste of consumers.

Legend Extra Stout

Legend stout

This beer is becoming the country’s fastest growing stout. It has a unique taste that is rich and has a long lasting foam head. Legend Extra Stout is called the ‘The Real Deal’ with its 7.5 percent alcohol content and a flavour that is mixed with roasted malts, some dried fruits and chocolate. It gained more popularity after it re-branded with the new stanoil and metalised labels.

“33” Export

33 Export

33 Export Lager Beer is a national beer brand and lead product of Consolidated Breweries. This beer has been brewed in Nigeria since the late 1979 and you can only enjoy it in the atmosphere of a Nigerian pub. It has a unique crisp taste, sparkling and refreshing.

The beer brewed from sorghum, malted Barley, hops and sucrose and it contains 5% alcohol. “33” Export gives a tender feeling and that is why most Nigerian men love about it.



it is one Nigerian beer that tastes just like the American lager. It has a 5.15 percent alcohol and triple filtered to give a smooth, crisp and a taste that is unforgettable. It fans are considered to be one of the largest in the country especially after it re-branded with an exciting new look.

Gulder Lager


Gulder has become one of the oldest beers in the country.Designed with a unique taste that is simply Irresistible, Its bottle size is 600ml and has a 5.20 percent alcohol. It has a bitter taste and is drinkable. The flavour has a combination of rice, cream, hay, malts and honey which gives it a distinctive taste. The beer has a creamy texture and the bottle is attractive.

What is your favourite beer? Please share

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Egypt Kushari

10 Most Popular Dishes In Africa

Africa is a beautiful continent with the spread of cultures across
thousands of miles, especially when it comes to food, there’s plenty
of culture, flavour, spices it’s never ending.

Africa’s favourite foods offer something for every palate. But it seems as if African dishes are still woefully under-represented on the world culinary scene.

This article focuses on regional dishes that you might enjoy in the some of the more popular in countries in Africa. Have a read and feel free to share.



Jollof rice2

​Jollof rice and chicken is a dish that is certainly in the hall of
fame especially when it comes to parties in Nigeria. The dish consists
of rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, onions, salt, garlic, bell pepper,
carrots, green peas or cabbage. and spices; Touches of this dish can be
found all the way through the continent. Nigerians significance to have
the most authentic recipe


Egypt Kushari

​Kushari is the Egyptian national dish, which contains pasta and
tomato sauce, other ingredients are rice, garlic, caramelised onions,
chick peas and lentils. This dish has four sources of carbohydrates,
which has made it the most popular lunch item in Egypt. Photo credit: aroundtheworld


S.Africa Bobotie

Bobotie is a one of South Africa’s signature dishes, and possibly the
most common dish in Cape Town. It’s combined with minced lamb, pork or
beef and various herbs and spices. For those that have a bit of a sweet
tooth they usually include bananas, chutney, a spice fruit, sambal, a
chilli-based condiment, and shelled walnuts with the egg topping. This
is likely to be the chosen dish, when you want to give overseas visitors
the typical taste of South Africa.  Photo credit: amstelkitchen


Ghana Fufu

​Fufu is a well-loved dish in Ghana. It consists of boiled cassava
which is mashed and pounded into a paste. Fufu tastes delicious
particularly with groundnut soup, dried fish and assorted vegetables. The Cassava is rich in carbohydrates which supply the body with energy. Photo credit: africansworld


Senegal Thiaebue

​‘Thiebou jen’ means rice and fish in Wolof; usually broken rice
is used for this dish. This dish is very popular in Senegal, because it
is easy and inexpensive to prepare and of course, delicious to eat! Photo credit:


Tanzania Ugali

​Most of Tanzanians dishes consist of carbohydrates and a lot of
starch. One of the general dishes in the country is a corn flour mush, also known as Ugali. Eating it alone is rather tasteless so it is
typically eaten with sauce, veggies, beans or meat. Photo credit:


Morocco couscous

​In the northern African country Morocco, Cous cous is there National dish. It is made out of semolina and water rolled with the hands, then dried and steamed, ingredients such as meat, spices and vegetable are the main elements in this dish. There’s no way you wouldn’t find this delightful dish in the majority of Morocco’s Restaurants. Photo credit: moroccomama


Gambia Domoda

​Taking it to the west side of Africa, Gambia has a lovely dish called
‘Domoda’ it is a rich groundnut stew made with tomatoes, peanuts
with some type of meat consisting any chosen vegetables you would like to chuck in whether pumpkin, potatoes etc. What makes this dish unique is that the flavour comes from the main ingredient of concentrated peanut paste. There is a great source of high protein packed with nutritious value in this dish. Photo credit:


Cameroon ndolé

Ndole is a dish enjoyable in Cameroon made up of bitter leaf and
groundnuts and served warm with boiled rice, fried plantain or bobolo (a Cameroonian dish made of cassava and wrapped in leaves). The dish may also contain shrimp or prawns. Photo credit: jewanda-magazine


Uganda Matooke

​Matooke is the fruit of a variety of starchy banana. Matooke is
similar to mashed potatoes but instead it is boiled and mashed plantains wrapped in banana leaf. In Uganda , the fruit is steam-cooked. It is everywhere and served with every meal: with eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even though it is pretty bland-tasting on its own usually it is mixed with the “sauce” which is surprisingly fairly nice. Photo credit: mzungudiaries.files


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Largest Pan West African Food/Beverage B-2-B Exhibition & Conferences.

Largest Pan West African Food/Beverage B-2-B Exhibition & Conferences. is happening on 05 Nov 2015 at Eko Convention Centre Lagos, Nigeria. Its a premier event in Food & Beverage industry.

Photo credit:

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fast food restaurant

These Are The Biggest Fast Food Chains In South Africa

When it comes to fast food, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is by some margin the most prolific brand in South Africa, with 771 stores spread across the land.

In its latest annual report, KFC parent company, Yum Foods, listed 771 KFC outlets in South Africa, the group’s biggest market in the developing world, behind only China (which is also KFC’s biggest market, globally).

South Africa’s love for fried chicken is not-so-closely followed by a love for burgers, with local burger take-away, Steers, in second place.

According to Famous Brands’ 2014 annual report, the group’s largest fast food franchise is Steers, with 509 stores across the country, followed by the family-friendly Wimpy franchise at under 500 stores, and its Debonairs pizza chain following with 382 stores.

Nando’s, largely considered to be South Africa’s most successful food franchise, has over 1,000 stores in 30 countries across the globe, but is only the sixth biggest in its home country.

The chicken franchise has around 350 stores in the UK, where it is growing in popularity, and over 300 stores locally.

Another popular fried chicken franchise, Chicken Licken, operates over 240 stores, according to the company’s most recent reporting.

The SA-born fried chicken company is the eighth largest fast food chain, behind another local favourite, Gold Brand’s Chesa Nyama, which has 251 listed stores.

According to Chesa Nyama founder and MD, Stelio Nathanael, “the chain is targeting 500 stores by 2017”.

Another latest uprising fast food in south Africa is Domino’s pizza and currently, it has 15 stores in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban, with 2 more store. However, brand owner, Taste Holdings has expressed its intention to completely transform two of its pizza brands – St Elmo’s and Scooters Pizza – into Dominos Pizza over time.s opening soon.

Biggest Fast Food Brands in SA

The is taken from annual reports, store counts and latest-reported data.

South-Africa Fast food chains

Also, below are the fast food chains with the number of stores in operation locally.

Fast Food in South Africa

# Fast food chain Owner Stores
1 KFC Yum! Brands 771
2 Steers Famous Brands 509
3 Wimpy Famous Brands 497
4 Debonairs Famous Brands 382
5 The Fish & Chip Co. Taste Holdings 330
6 Nando’s Nando’s Holdings 300
7 Chesa Nyama Gold Brands 251
8 Chicken Licken Family-owned 240
9 McDonald’s Shanduka 200
10 Roman’s Pizza Roman’s Pizza 163
11 Fishaways Famous Brands 157
12 Kauai Kauai 148
13 Domino’s Pizza Taste Holdings 125*
14 Pizza Perfect Eclectic Brands 102
15 Mochachos Mochachos Franchise Management Group 76
16 Panarottis Spur Holdings 68
17 Barcelo’s Barcelo’s 65
18 Zebro’s Taste Holdings 45
19 Burger King Grand Parade Investments 38
20 Anat Family-owned 26
21 Burger Perfect Eclectic Brands 20
22 1+1 Pizza Gold Brands 14
23 Andiccio24 Andiccio24 14
24 Chicken Tyme Eclectic Brands 6
25 Pizza Hut Yum! Brands 5



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