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Epe Resort Food Review

Hello peeps, hope you didn’t miss me much? I’m back to what I love doing, cooking as usual.

So after my weekend getaway at Epe resort where hubby and I discovered and explored, here is my review about this sweet and beautiful resort you would always love to be.

The restaurants service ranged from A La Carte to buffet.

Resort breakfast

Breakfast was complementary while Lunch and dinner was buffet styled based on the theme of the day. Although expensive, but it’s worth the money you’re paying.

As for their meals, oh very tasteful meals. I loved the pepper soup  especially.


It was excellent because I couldn’t stop going for more. The main course for day 1 which was semolina and melon soup was not so tasteful as I had hoped. The melon soup was very oily and tasted half cooked. Semo& soup

But day two starter which was fresh fruit salad and main course which was Spanish rice with grilled fish was very tasty and filling.

Grilled fish with Spanish rice

The beverage lists were complete. Wines from around the world, local and imported beers cocktails with a daily suggestion indicated on the table and non alcoholic drinks.

Cocktail menu

You could choose to eat in the restaurant or eat outside the restaurant where you are able to enjoy the swimming pool view.

Would we come back to Epe resort? Yes especially because of the  peaceful  and beautiful environment with the sumptuous meals your’re sure to enjoy!

2015 Trendy Way Of Making Coffee

Have you ever heard of butter coffee? its a new health trend for 2015.

Because coffee is a natural training stimulant that will stimulate energy production and fat burning.

Enthusiasts say that adding around 80 grams of butter to your coffee not only gives a performance-enhancing energy boost, but can  remarkably even help you to lose weight.

Researchers at the Australian Institute of Sport added that black coffee contains Caffeine substances that stimulate the release of fats into the bloodstream.

Those fats are immediately used to fuel exercise before the body reverts to its limited carbohydrate stores to keep going.

Adding butter enhances the effect, prompting the body to rely on fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel. “In short, the caffeine in the coffee will give you a nice energy boost and it is prolonged by the fat content in the butter,” says Toribio-Mateas.

Would you Give this a try?

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