As you would imagine soy protein drinks offer all of the health benefits of the highly useful soya plant. There are lots of different types of soy drinks, ranging from your basic sweetened or unsweetened soy milk all the way to soy protein shakes.

People drink these types of soya-based drinks for two main reasons, the first being that they are highly nutritious with regards to the nutrients and minerals they contain and the second being that they contain large amounts of proteins. The proteins derived from soya plants are high in essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are those which the body requires but which it cannot synthesize itself from other components. As such any source of such amino acids are highly sought after and are vital for keeping a healthy body as well as helping to build muscle.

Soy protein drinks are useful for body builders because they allow the body to be hit with a large amount of protein. These are quickly digested by the body because they’re in liquid form and hence they go right into the muscles (as long as you’ve been working out!). They’re also helpful for people trying to lose weight; proteins are a great source of energy because they are digested slowly and so help people retain the feeling of fullness for longer. This means they’re much less likely to snack and so much more likely to lose weight! There are so many health benefits with regards to soya that you’d be crazy not to drink it!

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