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Breakfast Idea: Bread and Omelette

One reason why I love having bread in the refrigerator  is that it helps me make quick breakfast  whenever I have troubles thinking of what to cook.

I can easily spread avocado on a slice of bread or make omelette. This is really filling.


Is couscous rice? Couscous is a staple food in the northern Nigeria. It’s a very healthy meal especially for those working hard to lose weight.

Although not a very popular meal in Nigeria, couscous can be found in the rice or pasta section in the grocery stores. It has a rice-like appearance, but is actually made of semolina and wheat flour that is steamed.  So thinking of eating something different?

Try couscous with chicken sauce, I bet you’ll love it.


This Airline Food Sucks, Doesn’t It?

This airline food pack is sure not appealing. Ever wonder why after  paying good amounts of air fare and you are served this little amount of food for an 8 hours flight?

What would be your reaction, reject it or manage it?


Green Peas With Saltfish


A nice “swim around” with green peas with saltfish Lol.. Jamaica meal

Fried Yam, Potatoes with Spicy Tomato Sauce


In my earlier review on Porridge yam, I mentioned how yam can be prepared in different styles that  appeals to your stomach.  It can be eaten boiled, pounded, fried or roasted or cooked in porridge style.

Personally, I enjoy making my meals different from the regular simple ways and beatifying them to look inviting. I use tomatoe sauce with Lettuce to eat my fried yam. Which makes it tasty.

You can serve fried yam as quick breakfast or dinner with a cup of warm Milo tea.

Whichever way you choose to prepare your yam, you can spice it up with variety of sauces like tomatoes curry sauce or Omelette or ketchup. Enjoy!