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Are Airlines Serving Healthy Foods To Passengers? Tips To Help You Improvise

There’s so much to dislike about air travel. There are the long lines and the delays, and of course, there is the bad airplane food. A recent survey  from Charles Platkin, nutrition professor at Hunter College and City University of New York found that airlines have a long way to go in making their meals and snacks nutritious and low in calories.

Talking about healthy food, it isn’t just about keeping the calorie count in check.  We should also take into account the amount of protein, fat and sugar content. The survey says even without looking at the nutritional information is that air plane food in general contains high levels of sodium. It could be the price you pay to get any enjoyment out of your air plane food. “Your taste buds change at high altitudes and you need more salt for the foods to have flavor.

So Here Is A Recommendation

Professor Platkin  encourages travellers to consult his survey, as well as their airline’s website, before their trip. Make a plan before you head to the airport, he said. If you are about to fly an airline that doesn’t have any healthy snack or meal options for you, try to eat a substantial meal before you leave and pack nutritious snacks, such as nuts, fruit and energy bars, Platkin recommended.

You can also usually find a list of airport restaurants online and pick up food to carry on at one of them. The important thing, when it comes to eating in the air, is that you never want to improvise.

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Airlines To Use Food Waste To Produce Fuel, See How

“Oh you wasters of food, please stop throwing foods in the bin”. Rather pile the left overs and possibly make money out from then. How? I can hear someone asking. Lol… Well If you have the phone number of the company that have been contracted to turn food waste into fuel. Walaa.. you’re rich!

So recently, United airlines are experimenting using food waste to fuel their air planes. They will be the first commercial airline in the United States to do so.

The company that’s manufacturing the biofuel, Fulcrum BioEnergy, uses food waste, farm scraps, and animal fat to make their fuel. The first flight will be from Los Angeles to San Francisco at some point this summer. And if everything goes as planned, United will start using the biofuel across its entire fleet after a two-week trial.

No word on whether actual airline food scraps will be used in the making of this fuel; but the guess is that “airline meals” have gotten so scarce in this day and age of airline cut expenditure, it wouldn’t be much help.

If you want to know how food waste is converter into fuel, see link.

Culled from: New york times

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Airline meal

The Reason Why Airplane Food Taste So Bad

Why does airline food taste so lousy? You might have wondered.

Yes, for a long while, Passengers have wonder why airline meals taste different. Even airlines have tried to figure out the reason behind funky in-flight food or why their meals would taste so fine on ground and would taste “so dull in the air”

So according to research, here are scientific reasons why the food taste to bad.

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