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The Italian Wine and Food Advocates Alfresco Dinner

Alcohol Use During The Holiday Season: What TO Be Aware Of

Everyone right now is in the holiday spirit. Many diners spend the holiday with family and friends, and alcohol is often a part of the celebration. If people get caught up in the excitement, they may consume too much of alcohol. So as you try to enjoy the groove, please drink wisely.

Here Are Some Tips to Enjoy This Festive Season Safely.

  • Eat before drinking
  • Space your drinks
  • Never drink more than what you can handle
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with water
  • Don’t be shy to refuse drinks that come your way.
  • Drink slower

Reasons Why You Need To Drink Moderatly

A study, published in Preventing Chronic Disease, found that excessive alcohol use shortened the lives of those who died by about 30 years. Also, more than 30,700 people in America  died in 2014 from alcohol-related causes, including alcohol poisoning, the Washington Post reports, citing new federal data. Those causes did not include deaths from drunk driving or homicides committed while drunk.

Excessive alcohol use is a leading cause of preventable death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It accounted for about 88,000 deaths each from 2006 to 2010, health officials said.

By not drinking too much and supporting community efforts to encourage others to not do so, you can reduce the risk of harm to yourself and others.

Enjoy the merry mood.

The Italian Wine and Food Advocates Alfresco Dinner

Question: Is Incompatible Drinking A Major Factor In Future Marriage/ Relationship?


You love alcohol, and you’ve been used to having a drinking mate. Now, assume you meet someone that fits your dream of a lifetime partner and soulmate, possesses every quality you want except one which is ” she doesn’t drink alcohol”. Bear in mind that you love him/her so much but as same time love your alcohol, what would you do? Would you still go ahead to propose? Would you still think you have found your soul mate?

Bear in mind that an incompatible drinking marriage could pose several problems in the future. like creating a wide intimacy gap between you and your spouse or causing constant argument and many more.

So my question still stands, do you Think you have found a soul mate and would you go ahead with the proposal?

Please share your view.


Is It Safe To Freeze Vodka Or Beer In The Freezer?

Have you ever heard that alcohol doesn’t freeze, and wondered why? And have you ever accidentally left a can of beer in the freezer overnight. Well, it’s actually a common misconception that alcohol doesn’t freeze.  Alcohol does freeze, just not at the temperatures that home freezers are kept at.

The Right Conditions

Vodka is a highly resilient liquor and can survive a range of conditions well. Although some people chill vodka in the freezer before serving, it should never be stored there for long periods. Distiller Russian Standard warns that storage at freezing temperatures can harm the vodka’s natural aroma.  You may chill vodka to 41 to 44 degrees  before serving,  but it isn’t necessary to store vodka chilled. Room temperature is fine

There’s actually a common misconception that alcohol doesn’t freeze. Alcohol does freeze, just not at the temperatures that home freezers are kept at. Here’s what it takes to freeze alcohol solid.

On the other hand, hard liquors like vodka don’t freeze in your home freezer. If anything, they may appear slightly thicker when you chill them in the freezer.

You can use the freezer to chill bottles of alcohol quickly, but for unopened bottles of wine and beer, be careful.  If they freeze, unopened wine and beer bottles may burst from a combination of pressure and expansion of the liquid as it freezes, so limit their time in the freezer.

The Differences in Freezing Beer, Wine & Liquor

In the case of beer and wine, the amount of alcohol is quite low, with the rest of the volume consisting of water and solutes (salts, sugars, etc.). Water has a melting point of 0ºC (32ºF). In your home freezer, beer and wine freeze because they are mostly, but not completely, water.

Beer and wine don’t freeze quite as “solid” as just water in your home freezer. So you can make ice cubes out of wine to store leftovers, but when you transfer those wine cubes to a zip-top bag for longer term freezer storage, they might turn into a bit of a sludgy mess in the bag over time.

So now, what kind of alcohol lives in your freezer?

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Freeze VodkaTemperature levelVodka

6 Strongest Alcoholic Beverages In The World That Would Knock You Down

If you’re an heavy drinker, and you think you have drank all kinds of liquor and can withstand it alcoholic effect, there are 11 strongest alcoholic beverages consumed by people all over the world that will knock you down. But I’m mentioning just 6. Their names are not familiar because they are mostly sold in Europe and America, but some of it can be seen at 5 star hotels in Nigerian or Africa. So in no particular order, they are;

Everclear This is considered as the world’s strongest alcoholic drink. It is a grain spirit. Everclear can contain 95 % or 190 proof of alcohol. This is manufactured and sold by the American spirit company, Luxco. This is truly colorless, odorless and tasteless (If you can actually find out what it tastes like without burning your tongue)


Devil Springs Vodka This potent spirit is bottled at 80% ABV or 160 Proof. Best consumed in a cocktail with juices or ginger ale.

Devil spring vodka

Sunset Rum very strong over-proof Rum from Kingstown in the West Indies. This rum is a product of St. Vincent Distillers. It is a robust spirit with 84.5% alcohol and used to mix in cocktails. It is advised against drinking it as it is, as it may cause burns. I am sure that you would not be able to see the sunset clearly if you are downing this by the beach.

Sunset Rum

Pincer Vodka whose Shanghai Strength vodka is 88.8% ABV, is strong potent vodka from Scotland. Seriously? Would you give way to sipping a few more drinks of Scotch just for this drink? It’s Worth a try.

Pincer Vodka

Absinthe The spirit was banned in most of Europe and Americas during the prohibition period of 1913. Also known as a green fairy, the spirit was known to give you hallucinating effects. This is made with wormwood bark or Artemisia Absenthium, from where the name comes. Absinthes are available from 90 Proof (45% ABV) to 170 Proof (85% ABV). However, it has now been legalized after a lot of scrutinizing tests on the product. But I read this one is really deadly.. so please beware.


Stroh Rum The Austrian rum is bottled at 160 Proof or 80% Alcohol. Much stronger than the Bacardi 151, the Stroh is one of the oldest forms of Domestic Rum from Europe. They are spiced and not to be sipped straight, however, they are mixed to make punches and flaming cocktails.

Stroh Rum

It is always advisable taking a little shot to understand the effect first, before consuming your desired quantity.

Credit: drinkwire.liquor.com



The Drink That Kills One Person Every 10 Seconds

This report might make you think twice before you have a drink. Dangerous alcohol consumption was responsible for 3.3 million deaths worldwide, according to a new World Health Organization report.

Harmful alcohol use, can put people at a higher risk of over 200 disorders like tuberculosis and pneumonia. “This actually translates into one death every 10 seconds, says ” Shekhar Saxena, head of the WHO’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse department. Men are more likely than women to experience alcohol-related deaths—though drinking among women is on the rise.

The report shows that 16 percent of drinkers partake in binge drinking (Uncontrollable drinking), which is the most dangerous form of alcohol consumption.

Countries with alcohol history are, Europe has the highest alcohol consumption per capita, though consumption levels have been stable there for the last five years. Consumption has remained stable in Africa and in the Americas, but it appears to be rising in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific regions, according to WHO. China is estimated to grow its per capita consumption by 1.5 liters of pure alcohol by 2025.

The WHO says it would like to see a voluntary global target of a 10 percent reduction in harmful alcohol use by 2025.

Advice: Early adjustment is vital for your health.

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6 Foods You Should Eat When You’re Drunk

Lovers of alcohol know that the more alcohol they drink, the hungrier they get. Not surprisingly, science suggests that alcohol stimulates the appetite in a way that makes you crave high-fat and salty foods. Especially when you feel nauseous, you might feel lazy to want want to cook solid meal. So wherever your evening takes you, try to stumble toward these better-for-you foods that can still keep you stable:

When at home eat:

  1. Whole Wheat Crackers: Crackers contain whole grains made up of complex carbs that can help absorb alcohol and B vitamins, an ingredient that gets depleted when you drink alcohol and is known to worsen hangovers.
  2. Whole Wheat Toast: If you run out of crackers during this period, dry whole wheat toast or bread are perfect alternatives. Just avoid butter or margarine — like peanut butter, these spreads are high in fat.
  3. Oatmeal: Small portions of soft foods like cooked cereal are easy to digest says a Ph.D. registered dietitian at the National Institutes of Health’s Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Maryland. Make a packet of instant oatmeal to keep your portions reasonable.

When outside home:

4. Pancakes: Pancakes aren’t a bad option. They’re made of carbs that can soak up alcohol, and they’re absolutely delicious. just avoid high-fat butter.

5. Soup: Avoid creamy soups like corn soup and cream of mushroom. And bring on the soup nuts  — they contain carbs that will go down easy.

6. A Banana: It’s a great source of potassium, an electrolyte that gets depleted when you booze it up.

food and alcoholFoods to eat when drunk
red wine

Health Benefits Of Red Wine

Can wine really improve our health and increase longevity? Scientists are beginning to say “Yes!” Supposing that the theory is true – Researchers have found that red wines rich in flavonoids, best for our health.

Flavonoids are best known for their antioxidant qualities and help the body resist such maladies as allergens, viruses and carcinogens.

Red wines also contain anxioxidants, which help the body resist cancer and cardiovascular disease.

So, the best bet for drinking wine for our health is to stick to the dryer red wines.  Just because wine contains components that are central to good health doesn’t give us a free rein to get plastered every night.

Don’t overdo it — but adding a glass of wine to your daily diet can definitely make a difference to our health.

Surprising Health Benefits Of Beer


There’s nothing more manly than beer. Men’s Health explains how this simple drink gets a man through the hard times.

For sure, men love their alcohol. The average guy drinks about 23 gallons of beer, 15 pints of wine and 10 pints of spirits every year. All in all, each year, about 200 million barrels (that’s 6.2 billion gallons) of beer are produced.

Keep in mind that old saying “everything in moderation.” If you don’t, then drinking too much will have the opposite effect on your heart, your liver, your bones, and completely erase any benefits you might gain.

So what is considered a moderate amount of beer? Experts say that for men it’s two, 12-ounce beers a day; for women one, 12-ounce beer a day.

So as long as you don’t over-imbibe, here are some ways that beer is actually good for you.

Beer contains natural antioxidants and vitamins, and dark beers that go through very a high temperature roasting process contain more of these than lighter brews.  And, if you drink a dark beer that contains fruits with even more antioxidants in them, you can boost this benefit even more.

Beer is a great way to keep hydrated since it is over 90 percent water. And, a recent study indicates that beer can help prevent kidney stones. This is likely due to beer’s high water content and ability to prevent dehydration. There is also evidence that the hops in beer may prevent kidney stones by slowing bone’s release of calcium, a main contributor to kidney stones.

The soluble fiber in beer can help lower the risk of heart disease. Like other fiber-rich foods like oats or barley, it can help lower the “bad” LDL cholesterol levels.

Beer can help strengthen your bones. Beer is rich in the element silicon, which has been linked to better bone density.

Moderate amounts of alcohol can also help reduce stress, decrease anxiety and self-consciousness, and improve your mood. Beer in particular has plenty of nutrients, such as protein, B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, iron, niacin, and riboflavin.

Beer can also be unhealthy

 One of the most common harmful effects of alcohol is on the liver, the organ that removes toxins from the body. In the liver, enzymes first convert alcohol into acetaldehyde, a chemical intermediate that can cause nausea, headache, vomiting, and other bad effects of alcohol ingestion. During this step, a molecule called NADH is also produced.

So before you go out and celebrate with a few pints, keep in mind that all of the studies above point out that beer is only healthy if you drink moderately. Some scientists even consider the health benefits of alcohol for moderate drinkers to be controversial due to the variations in the methodologies of the studies.

It’s a good idea to drink local brews to support the local community and the environment.

Article and picture credit given to care2.com