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How Pressure Cooker Messed Up My Beans

Have you ever tried using pressure cooker to cook beans? What was the outcome?

While Pressure cooker is known to help food cook faster thereby retaining the nutrients, it appears that not all foods comes out well. Take beans for example, experience has shown that using pressure cooker to prepare beans makes the beans mushy with no flavor and texture. Agree most cooker comes with a guide book, but they can really get tricky most times.

A Friend Lilli, who wanted to host some friends thought she could make beans and use her pressure cooker to make it cook fast. So as soon as the timer went off on the cooker, she rushed to check the beans but got disappointed as it was mushy and appeared grainy.

Sadly her dreams of making delicious porridge beans with brocolli failed.

How about you? Have you ever had Issues with over cooked food using pressure cooker? Please share your experience.

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Black Beans: Super Healthy Food!

Have you come across black beans? Do you think it’s a food you would like to try? I came across black beans last week when I went grocery shopping. I was really tempted to buy the pack and try to cook something nice as I have always read how healthy black turtle beans can be .
In-fact, recent research has shown that black beans provide special support for digestive tract health, and particularly our colon. Black beans are very high in fibre as one cup has 15 grams. They also contain protein, minerals and B vitamins and may aid in disease prevention too.

Here’s is how you can prepare it, Buy dry black beans and soak them in water or purchase canned black beans that are ready to use right away. Black beans can be served as a side dish or used as an ingredient in soups and other dishes.
But the fact is, how many of us would be willing to eat such a meal especially when its not a popular dish. The reasons alone should move us to include such meal to our 2015 food calender.

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Black bean benefitsBlack beans

The Benefits Of Beans

Like me, am sure many wives face the challenge of thinking of what to cook the next day so as to avoid repetition of the same food everyday. While most wives try to repeat thier favorite meals perhaps twice a week, the husband might make a frown.

An example is if you love eating beans at least twice or more a week and hubby frowns at this because he gets heartburn if he eats beans more than once.

Like my hubby, many either intentionally avoid them or do not think to include them in their diets.  They try to avoid frequent farting, drowsy eyes or weighty body. This is too bad, because research has shown that beans:

Slow aging

Contain powerful antioxidants

Lower blood pressure

Prevent cancer

Lower cholesterol

Reduce food cravings

Raise energy and help weight loss

Improve the intestinal flora

Kill fungus and many more.

In-fact a poem was written to show the health benefits of beans

“Beans, beans,
The magical fruit,
The more you eat,
the more you toot!
The more you toot,
the better you feel,
so let’s eat beans
with every meal.”

So be it white or brown or green or red, all kinds of beans are very nutritious for you.

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Akara (Bean Cakes)


Bean Cakes, Bean Balls, Bean Fritas popularly called “AKARA” is a delicacy popular in Western Nigeria. Widely considered for breakfast or dinner and could be eaten with bread,pap, garri or custard


  • 2 cups Beans, peeled
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 Seasoning cube
  • Pepper to taste
  • 1 Onion bulb
  • Vegetable Oil for deep frying


  • Soak the beans in water for 2 hours to make it soft enough for your blender. If you will grind it using the heavy duty grinders in Nigerian markets, it will not be necessary to soak the beans for extended periods of time.
  • Cut the pepper and onions into desirable sizes
  • Grind the peeled beans with the onions and pepper to obtain a very thick paste
  • Mix properly with a cube of maggi, salt and pepper
  • Set some vegetable oil on the cooker to heat up. The oil should be at least 3 inches deep.
  • Put some of the ground beans into a mortar. This should be the quantity you can fry in one go.
  • Stir the beans puree with the pestle in a continuous circular motion. You need to apply some pressure so that you can energize the particles of the beans puree.
  • Scoop into balls and deep fry the beans balls


  • Follow these and your Akara will turn out great.
  • Use freshly skinned beans.
  • Use a very small quantity of water when grinding.
  • Smoothen the mix with mortar and pestle before frying.
  • Add salt just before frying.

Akara is enjoyed fresh and hot

Bean Porridge with French Fries

This is a more traditional method of preparing beans. Nigerians especially enjoy eating porridge beans with plantain, yam, sweet /Irish potatoes, custard, pap or cassava flakes (soaked garri.)


  • 1 derica cup Beans
  • 1 bulb Onion
  • Chilli Pepper to taste
  • 1 Seasoning cubes
  • 1 cup Palm Oil
  • 1/2 cup Crayfish (optional)
  • Salt to Taste


  • Wash the beans properly and cook with all the onions for about 45mins
  • It should start getting soft by now
  • Add the chilli pepper, maggi cubes, crayfish and palm oil
  • Allow to cook for another 5mins
  • Stir properly if the beans is soft and add salt to taste

 Serve as desired

French Fries Direction (Irish Potatoes)

Potatoes – 1 per person is more than enough!

1qt/ltr cooking oil – peanut oil is best

Seasonings – I just used salt

Medium size frying pan

Peel, rinse and slice the potatoes into slim sizes. Add pinch of salt and turn into the heated cooking oil.

Fry light brown and use a frying spoon to pick out the fries.

Serve hot with beans, scrambled eggs, ketchup or tomato sauce

Steamed Beans Pudding (Moi Moi)

Steamed beans pudding also called Moin Moin in West Africa. This is a healthier and luscious way of enjoying beans. It is served in many restaurants and usually goes well with pap, custard, plantain or Ijebu garri . Personally, I like to beautify my Moin Moin to look inviting like adding sliced tomatoes and little bit of ketchup. Or better still some lettuce by the tomatoes.


4 cups beans, peeled

Chilli Pepper to taste

6 medium size tomatoes

1 Paprika

1 large Onion bulb

2 cups bulky chunks of Fish/Sardine/ Minced or chopped Meat

3 Boiled Egg

4 cups rich Stock

2 cups of water

1 cube Maggi Cubes

Salt to taste

3 tbsp Vegetable Oil

Leaves or plastic bowls

Banana leaves to form a base in the pot


Boil the eggs and the meat/fish and cut them into chunks if you are not using minced meat

Soak beans in water for about 20mins

Remove the seed coat by rubbing the beans in between your hands and draining out the seed coat with a sieve

Repeat this till you have sieved out most of the seed coat of the beans; pour into a tray and hand pick the remaining seed coat.

Watch out for stones

Grind the beans, pepper and onions into a smooth paste

Add the vegetable oil, Maggi cube and salt to taste and stir properly

Put banana leaves in a large pot to form a base and place on heat

Put just enough water to cover the base of the pot

Wrap the leaves into the form of cones and fold the bottom upwards

Still holding the bottom, scoop the beans and fill half of the cone

Put the chopped eggs and fish/meat into it

Fold the top of the cone and bend it backwards

Place the wrapped moin moin into the pot

Continue till the mixture is all used up

Pour in more water into the pot and allow to cook till mixture gets tick.