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Hottest Burger On Earth

Would you dare to try the world hottest burger?

Filled with the spiciest peppers on the planet, this hottest burger have been submitted to the Guinness Book of Records.

You have to be older or at least 18 years old  to try it and sign a waiver and diners get a pair of goggles and gloves for extra protection.

Hellfire Burger has been attracting people who want to see if their taste buds and stomach can handle the heat.  So want to give it a try? Lol…

Photo credit: asset.ninemsn

Chicken Burger


A chicken sandwich or chicken burger is typically a boneless, skinless, breast of chicken between two slices of bread.

It consist of coarsely shredded or sliced chicken, lettuce cucumber, tomatoes and avocado (optional)

Served as main course, it can be enjoyed with freshly prepared mango-shake or juice of your choice.