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Junior Agricultural Minister Tells Reasons Why Price Of Rice May Rise To N40,000 Per Bag

The Minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Senator Heineken Lokpobiri, has indicated that without a commensurable production capacity, the price of rice may rise to N40,000 per bag by December if Nigerians fail to engage in rice farming.cuisinecuisine cuisine

Mr. Lokpobiri said that Nigeria spends about $22 billion a year on importing food, and this number could swell if the price of rice increases. In order to reverse this trend, Nigeria needs to produce goods domestically rather than relying on imports, the senator emphasized.

‎The junior minister, who made this known on Saturday at a town hall meeting with stakeholders in Bayelsa State in Yenagoa, said there was a projection that by 2050, Nigeria’s population would be 450 million. Such rapid population growth would exacerbate food insecurity, he said.

“The price of rice was N12,000 some months ago, but it is now about N26,000 and if we don’t start producing by December, it could be N40,000,” Mr. Lokpobiri explained.

“Rice matures in three months. So this is a wake up call for Bayelsa people to take the four farms we have seriously. The average land you see in Bayelsa can grow rice, so the colonial masters were not wrong in their assessment when they said the Niger Delta could feed not only Nigeria but also the entire West Africa sub-region.

“Unfortunately, agriculture today is not a priority of the Niger Delta as far as the State governments are concerned because of oil,” he said.

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Reasons Why There Would Be Hike In Food Prices This Christmas Season

The cost of food has increased in the country as Consumers of goods and services would have to pay a little more the Christmas season due to hike of food prices this year.

According to Nigeriabulleting.com, The latest report of a hike in inflation rate for the month suggests a bleak Christmas to most Nigerians, as most of the food items that constitute the staple of most homes during the Yuletide season would cost more. Prices in Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages division as well as Transportation were most affected, according to the report, attributing it to shortages in the supply of petrol.

The quantity of Food imported into Nigeria has continued to drop on a yearly basis, the Federal Government has said. And according to the Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbe, This might be as  result of  the nation’s agricultural economy had been killed as a result of illegal importation of rice, frozen foods and other food items through Seme and Cameron borders, a situation he said had destroyed the nation’s capacity of feeding over 60,000,000 Africans.

Also if you recall in the month of November, President Mohammadu Buhari in Paris, France stated that Nigeria is currently suffering from the effects of the climate change which he said have drastically affected food security.

What do you think is the solution to making food available to Nigerians this holiday? Please share your thought.


Hike In Price Of Food Could Lead To Drinking Cassava Flakes

I went to the market for some grocery shopping last week and I tell you, things have gone really expensive. Residents in most Nigerian states are facing hard times.

The price of food items has doubled, with sellers willing to see their perishable items lose value than to sell at the old price.

I fear with the way things are going, even drinking cassava flakes which use to the cheapest meal anyone can ever buy is now very pricey.

With the fuel crisis going on in Nigerian which has really affected not just individuals but also companies, traders be it large or small scale.

The development has brought untold hardship to residents who are now appealing to the relevant authorities to address the problem.

Photo Credit: Ruona Agbroko Meyer