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Lagos State Government To Established Biggest Rice Mill In Nigeria

The Lagos State Government on Tuesday said it had started constructing Nigeria’s biggest rice mill, which it said, has the capacity to produce at least 16 metric tonnes per hour and 10,000 metric tonnes per annum.
When completed by December 2017, the state government said the rice mill would significantly help the state to actualise its strategic food security plan and was designed to end hunger.

The Special Adviser on Food Security, Mr. Ganiyu Sanni-Okanlawon said the administration of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode had awarded the contract for the construction of the rice mill with the capacity to  produce 16 metric tonnes per hour, though acknowledged that the state currently has the capacity to produce 2.5 metric tonnes.
He explained that the new rice mill was part of the government’s plan to increase food supply, end the vicious trend of food shortage and equally ensure food security across the state.

Best Ways To Store Irish Potatoes In The Kitchen

Reader: I love Irish potatoes but it is a challenge storing them as they get spoil easily. Please advise.

If you are buying potatoes and do not have a place to store them under ideal conditions, please purchase only the quantity you will consume in a few weeks or days.
I also had a challenge storing them because I love using them for fries but since I discover the best ways, its been safe. So prepare the location in advance before buying.

Steps to Store healthy Potatoes

  1. Lay your potatoes in a tray or table in a cool, dark place.
  2. Let the potatoes sit this way undisturbed. After about two weeks, the potato skins will be thickened and dry.
  3. Raise the temperature to 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit ,slightly higher than normal for storage.
  4. Don’t store cut potatoes in the open. Once you cut potatoes,cook them as soon as possible. The exposed flesh of the potato doesn’t keep well compared to the tougher skin.
  5. Don’t store potatoes near fruit. Many fruits, like apples, pears, and bananas, excrete a chemical called ethylene. This gas encourages ripening — you may have noticed that your fruits tend to ripen faster when you keep them next to each other. so store your fruit elsewhere.

Reason Why Nigeria Could Face Food Shortage Soon

According to reports, Nigeria is owing local fertilizer suppliers an outstanding debt of N72 billion. This is indicative of a lackadaisical attitude towards agriculture and could result in food shortage for the whole country, which paints a pretty gloomy picture for the citizens, who are already suffering through a petroleum crisis and a lack of basic amenities. It may strike some as odd that fertilizer suppliers could actually have any serious impact on the nation’s food production.

The debt owed to FEPSAN, however, is an inherited one as it has been accumulating since 2014 from the past administration. The past government was accused of passing on the debt from his administration to the current Buhari administration.

If faced with a food crisis, we can be sure that the country will also battle with social vices. In his 2002 journal on food crisis, Zakariya D. Goshit said inadequate nutrition, which is a consequence of food shortage, always results in lawlessness. “Food problems have forced some Nigerians to engage in activities which have a negative impact on the nation. These social vices include ethnic-religious conflicts, armed robbery, prostitution, child- trafficking, corruption, etc. A hungry man is an easy target for selfish members of the bourgeoisie who would buy their services for a price to foment anarchy within the society.”

Credit: venturesafrica

Are Airlines Serving Healthy Foods To Passengers? Tips To Help You Improvise

There’s so much to dislike about air travel. There are the long lines and the delays, and of course, there is the bad airplane food. A recent survey  from Charles Platkin, nutrition professor at Hunter College and City University of New York found that airlines have a long way to go in making their meals and snacks nutritious and low in calories.

Talking about healthy food, it isn’t just about keeping the calorie count in check.  We should also take into account the amount of protein, fat and sugar content. The survey says even without looking at the nutritional information is that air plane food in general contains high levels of sodium. It could be the price you pay to get any enjoyment out of your air plane food. “Your taste buds change at high altitudes and you need more salt for the foods to have flavor.

So Here Is A Recommendation

Professor Platkin  encourages travellers to consult his survey, as well as their airline’s website, before their trip. Make a plan before you head to the airport, he said. If you are about to fly an airline that doesn’t have any healthy snack or meal options for you, try to eat a substantial meal before you leave and pack nutritious snacks, such as nuts, fruit and energy bars, Platkin recommended.

You can also usually find a list of airport restaurants online and pick up food to carry on at one of them. The important thing, when it comes to eating in the air, is that you never want to improvise.

Credit: Cnn

Nigeria Would Be Major Food Exporter By 2019 – PMB

Buhari  is determined to make Nigeria self-sufficient in food production. In his speech delivered on his behalf through the permanent secretary of Agriculture, Arc. Sonny S.T. Echono, The president said the government had moved to establish the youth employment in Agriculture program which will benefit 20,000 school leavers and rural youth leaders in each State of the federation and develop 18,500 university graduates into young agricbusiness entreprenuer called ”negroprenuers”.

Buhari noted that the GRP programme has become more important “at this time our national life when oil has ceased to become the cash cow of our economy we have no option than to turn to agriculture.”

What do you think about this brilliant move of the president to boost food production in Nigeria?

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US Looks To Africa For Food Export Oppourtunity

The US aims to grow its food exports to sub-Saharan Africa and is sending its deputy secretary of agriculture, Krysta Harden, to Accra, Ghana, in November to spread the word.

The delegation will meet with potential customers from more than a dozen countries, forging relationships and learning about the market conditions and business environment in the region. This first-hand intelligence will help them develop strategies to start or expand sales to these key markets.

Participants will include representatives from companies representing a wide array of food and agricultural products, as well as leaders from state departments of agriculture and agricultural organisations.

The trade mission will take place 17- 19th November, 2015 can apply or go via USDA website.

Credit: globalmeatnews.com

Southern Africa Faces Food – Supply Shortage From July, WFP Says

According to the United Nations’ World Food Programme, Southern Africa nations such as Zimbabwe are faced with “significant food-supply shortages” from July this year because of erratic rains.

“Of great concern is Zimbabwe, which is facing a looming huge food deficit due to imminent widespread crop failure,” the WFP said in an e-mailed statement.

Zimbabwe will lose more than 300,000 hectares (741,316 acres) of its corn crop because of mid-season dry spells, resulting in a food shortfall that will require imports, the WFP said.

Hum.. just last month, many were worried that due to failure of rain, we migt experieace food shortages. Now, it seems that is no longer our worry but the rains are. So what do we really want?

Hike In Price Of Food Could Lead To Drinking Cassava Flakes

I went to the market for some grocery shopping last week and I tell you, things have gone really expensive. Residents in most Nigerian states are facing hard times.

The price of food items has doubled, with sellers willing to see their perishable items lose value than to sell at the old price.

I fear with the way things are going, even drinking cassava flakes which use to the cheapest meal anyone can ever buy is now very pricey.

With the fuel crisis going on in Nigerian which has really affected not just individuals but also companies, traders be it large or small scale.

The development has brought untold hardship to residents who are now appealing to the relevant authorities to address the problem.

Photo Credit: Ruona Agbroko Meyer