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10 Healthiest Foods Of All Time And Why You Should Always Eat Them

A registered dietitian Tina Ruggiero, author of The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook,  have listed some essential fruits we should eat daily and why each of these foods is a powerhouse.

Its important we bear in mind that eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated. So to make it simple, TIME.com has curated a list of the 50 healthiest foods you should be eating now. But I would mention just 10 of them.


Bananas and Why are bananas good for you: They are actually classified as an herb and they are an excellent source of cardioprotective potassium – that is ; it contains nutrients that protect the heart. Bananas also help to increase dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin – brain chemicals that counter depression.


Oranges and why they are good for you: Oranges are one of the most potent Vitamin C sources and are essential for disarming free radicals. Thy help protect our cell and sustain a healthy immune system

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Blueberries and why they are good for you: Blueberries are rich in anthocyanin and blueberries helps to protect vision, lower blood sugar levels and keep the mind sharp by improving memory and cognition.


Tangerines and why they are good for you: Thorough research has shown that Tangerines has more antioxidant than an orange,and this powerful little fruits soluble and insoluble fiber that play a role in reducing heart disease risk. Tangerines also help lower risk of  chronic eye disease like cateracts and may be protective against type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


Avocados and why they are good for you: Avocados contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. Substituting one avocado for a source of saturated fats like butter or cheese  may reduce your risk of heart disease.


Tomatoes and why they are good for you:  As little as they  are in shape, Tomatoes are a nutritional powerhouse. They are rich i Lycopence, a potent weapon against Cancer. Lycopene protect our cells’ DNA with its strong antioxidant power.


Mushrooms and why they are good for you: Mushrooms are antioxidants that fight cancer too. They are a good source of riboflavin, a vitamin that supports the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms and they are the highest source of vitamin D.


Garlic and why they are good for you: Garlic boost immunity and support healthy joints. It is well known for its cardioprotective benefits and its also an effective antiviral.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and why they are good for you:  Although they have a bit more natural sugar than white potatoes, they are packed with nutrients. A large sweet potatoes contains more than a days worth of vitamin A, essential for eyesight and reproductive health. It also has B vitamins, fiber and potassuim and a  antioxidant which may enhance immunity and support metabolism


Sardines and why they are good for you: Sardines contains omega-3 fatty acid and calcium content. This fatty acids go to improve blood flow, feeding our brain, stabilizing heart rhythms and keeping inflammation in check.

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Eat The Right Vegetables To Fight Belly Fats

When I was growing up, I never liked eating vegetables either in form of soup or salad. Like other kids, I feels its dry and not tasty.

Now I’m grown and married and not a week passes without me adding vegetable to my meal.

So if you’re finding it hard to add veggies to your meal, this reasons should make you have a change of mind

Every colour vegetable contains a different type and amount of antioxidants that helps to fight disease. So if you don’t eat veggies, you may be missing out on some potent belly fat and disease fighting vitamins.

Also, eating lots of vegetables can help your body to shrink belly fat, as the green vegetable group contains high levels of vitamins A and C, which just like in orange and yellow vegetables, can help decrease oxidative stress and cut down on the stress hormones in the body that can store belly fat. Also,green leafy vegetables are a fantastic source of folic acid, which plays a critical role in protein digestion and metabolism.

So if you don’t eat enough vegetables, chances are you’ll feel hungrier and eat more of another food group, which will contain additional calories that can make it more difficult to lose weight.

Examples of green vegetables to include in your meal are:



Brussels sprouts



Green beans





This vegetables especially would help burn fat and aid digestion process.

Carrot Puree – Healthy Baby Food

Many mums have often wondered how best to feed their babies healthy? If you’re one, have you thought outside the box? like feeding you baby with healthy vegetable like carrot puree.

Once baby is around 4-6 months, you can try this home-made single fruit and vegetable purees.

How to Make Carrot Puree
Carrot puree is so easy to make:

  • Peel and cut carrots into evenly-sized pieces and simmer for 15-20 minutes in just enough water to cover the carrots until they’re tender.
  • Drain the carrots and transfer to a blender, add some of the sweet carrot cooking water, and blend until smooth.

  • The amount of liquid you add really depends on how hard your baby find it hard to swallow the puree.
  • Spoon some of the puree into your baby’s bowl and serve lukewarm. You can freeze the remainder in a small plastic containers.

Try this and share your experience with us.

Photo credit: thekichn.com & annabelkarmel.com

Types Of Oranges

Many Orange varieties exist, which of these can you identify ?

ReelFruit Chips

When I saw a picture of reelfruit made from perfectly ripe fresh fruits, I was really amazed. Especially because, this is coming from Nigeria.

It reminded me of the packaged plantain chips I like having. If you have ever eaten plantain chips then you would understand what I’m talking about.  Reelfruit either dried pineapple or dried mango is a crunchy snack that is perfectly sealed and great for all ages.

This dried fruit or chips as I call it, is chips on the move. You would definitely love it. Even if you miss having fruit in the morning, you can be sure this fruit chip would fill the space for you.

Reelfruit is 100% fruits and It contains 2000- 2500 healthy calories, including essential vitamins. And according to nature bounty health, makers of reelfruits,  they  claim “ All the nutrients of fresh fruit are natural, no additives or preservatives. Filled with natural sugars, energy, mineral and Antioxidant for a healthy body.

Personally I feel this is more healthy to have than fried plantain chips. If you ever had this fruit, please tell us what you feel about it.


Seasonal Fruits

As we approached deep into rainy season, I thought it was best to talk about seasonal fruits that grow well especially in this season. Seasonal fruits taste great because they are freshly harvested and cost less too.

So I bought an envelope full of different fruits last week and not all came out sweet. And this got me wondering whether they were prematurely harvested.
Then I figured out that some fruits like watermelon, pineapple and oranges do pretty well during rainy season because they grow around water than fruits like paw paw,  as too much water around paw paw either kills it or slows it growth.

So if you’re wondering what fruit could be tasty to eat during this season, I would advise you go for watermelon, oranges, strawberries, pineapples and Apples. I bet you won’t regret having any of this.

Breakfast Idea: Fruits

Do your breakfast consist of a cup of coffee?  If so, you are missing out health wise.

Rather, starting your day with a plate of healthy fruits on an empty stomach is much more healthier than a cup of morning coffee.

Check out another amazing way to enjoy your fruits. You can either blend to juice  or prepare in salad form .

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Mangoes Helps You Burn Body Fat

Do you know you can eat mangoes to lose some weight or maintain weight?  So mangoes, which contains high fibre, helps you get rid of cholesterol and unused fats in the body .

Bought some mangoes last week and eat some before dinner would be ready. But guess what? please don’t laugh. At about an hour, i use the loo trice. Lol!

So curious whether mangoes makes your stomach run, I did some research and its amazing that mangoes really makes you burn fat. And this fats are passed out through the feces.

Because mango contain fibre, this plays an important role in a diet to lose weight. If anything, you should eat mango slices with the skin   on , it could help you keep the weight off.

african fruitsBenefits of mangoesmango help you lose weightMango shakeMangoes

4 Health Nutrients Of Guava

Guava is blessed with many nutrients by nature. Here are some of its health benefits:

1. Good for diabetics

2. Improves your immunity

3. Helps improve vision           

4. Improves your hormonal function

All of these qualities make guava a super-fruit which you should certainly enjoy this season!

guava fruitshealth benefits of guavahealthy fruits

Reasons You Should Eat Fruit For Lunch

Fruits are an excellent lunch food for everyone because they make healthy snacks and desserts.Eating fruit on a lunch time can decrease appetite for the actual meal. The fructose found in the fruit supplies a quick energy boost and the fibre creates a feeling of fullness.

Late Lunch
If lunch is late, keep the peace with a quartered orange or a dish of fresh pineapple chunks. Both have lots of potassium and fibre. Oranges are high in vitamin C and folate. Dried fruit is another good hold-over that is nutritious.
Fruit as fat prevention
When you know that a lunch is not going to be the healthy meal you prefer to serve yourself a mini meal of fresh fruit, Mix chopped watermelon, carrots, paw paw and banana chunks into a quick fruit salad. That keeps ones blood sugar on a moderate level until the fat food or high calorie sauces are served. You will eat less unhealthy food, too.


Choose Fresh Fruits
Packaged fruit juices, smoothies and fruit snacks often have additives like honey or fruit juice concentrate; both of them gain calories without adding nutritional value. By selecting fresh fruits you will add needed calories and nutritional value.
Regulate Your Digestion
If you start your lunch with unsweetened grapefruit or grapefruit juice, you will easily regulate your digestion.
Dietary Fibre
Consume any high fibre fruits for lunch. Eat pears, apples and berries for a significant amount of dietary fibre and water content. This is especially good for those trying to lose some weight or keep fit.
During lunch and throughout the day include all kinds of fruits unsweetened and mostly fresh. Nuts and seeds are healthful garnishes for fruit, consume them in moderation.

The beauty of it is no one needs to know you’d rather skip the saturated fat they slaved over.

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