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Jamaican Corn Meal Dish Recipe ”Dukunu”

I came across this Jamaican meal and I think it’s a  healthy meal with a simple recipe to try . It called Dukuno” made with corn meal/flour, sugar, coconut milk etc. If you love Corn, surely you would  love this dish.

It can easily be mistaken as moimoi but  it’s  actually corn as no kind of oil or fresh pepper is added to it.


2 cups spelt flour

½ teaspoon sea salt

¾ cup agave syrup

½ teaspoon cinnamon

¼ cup grated coconut

1 ½ cups coconut milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

quailed banana leaves

big pot of boiling water (about 2 ½ liter)


Quailed banana leaves

1 Heat banana leaves over fire until slightly darkened

2 Cut banana leaves in about 9 inches squares

Putting it together

1 Mixed all dry ingredients and grated coconut together. Add coconut milk, agave syrup and vanilla, mix well.

2 Put about 1/2 cup of mixture unto each quailed banana leave sheet. Fold up the two ends and tie with strings (preferably strings that can be taking from the bark of the banana tree)


2 Drop into boiling water. There should be enough water to cover all parcels. Simmer for about an hour.

Remove banana leaves before eating.

Photo credit: kaanbelize

Jamaican Boiled Dumplings With Sauce (Recipe)

For a  long while, I’ve been following a Jamaican food blogger and have observed her love for dumplings. Dumplings is one of Jamaica’s favourite and simplest meal to make and It is usually eaten with any type of sauce or soup you desire. You can either boil or fry, the choice is yours to make.

She loves to write about dumplings and the various sauces you can have it with and never gets tired of showing photos of it. Could it be that she really want people to get familiar with Jamaican meals? Maybe, just thinking aloud!

So if you like trying out new recipes like me, you might want to try this Dumplings that comes with a great taste.


3 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup milk
Oil for frying



Sieve the flour in to a bowl, stir in the salt and baking powder


Cut the butter in to small lumps and add to the mixture


Work the mixture in to a breadcrumb-like texture


Add the milk a little bit at a time and work in to the mixture (if it is added too quickly the mixture may not bind properly)
Knead the mixture until it is smooth


Divide the mixture in to small balls about 5cm in diameter then flatten the balls so they are about 2cm thick.


Place the dumplings in salted boiling water for 15 minutes or When they float they are done.


Drain and serve with sauce.

Credit: Jamaican travel.com

Callaloo (Jamaican Cuisine)

This is callaloo with saltfish, boiled bananas and dumpling

Callaloo is a traditional Jamaican recipe usually served for breakfast or lunch along with boiled green bananas and fried plantains. Callaloo is from the spinach family. In Jamaica this dish is usually prepared with fresh callaloo or water spinach which is easier to find where you live.

Photo credit: the-sweet-life-ja