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5 Must Eat Restaurants In Kano State

Have you ever visited Kano state? If not you need to take a trip to the  state as it is not just the second populated city in Nigeria, but a place to have sweet delicious meal when you visit.

We bring you 5 best restaurants to visit in Kano to have that tasty meal you can imagine.


Cilantro is a place to enjoy some quality time with family and loved ones, also a place to hangout with a few buddies to see that much anticipated soccer game. You can try the Sunday buffet, it promises to be a foodie heaven. Located at 67 Sultan Rd., Kano, Nigeria.

Corner restaurant is a place of maximum relaxation and a place to enjoy some of the best of Arabian dishes. The ambience and food matches the best of Arabian standards.
P.S. Try the Arabian Grilled Chicken, Thank us later. Located at Lafia Road / Sultan Road Corner, Kano, Nigeria.

Meals and More is a home for Indian foods. Meals and more offers a bit more to the eat/drink experience, a good place to grab that quick munchies while settled with a cold drink. Located at 14, New Hospital Road, Kano , Nigeria.

Meal &More
A good spot for that quick bite, you can get the best pizza and barbecue, as well as a good combination of Indian cuisine. Located at 3, Bompai Road, Kano, Kano, Nigeria.


For the Kano faithful, this is not a new jolly zone, relocated but the food has managed to remain the same over the past 7-8 years. Home to beautiful Indian cuisine and music, find yourself a peaceful meal at this location. Located at 20 Alu Avenue, Kano, Nigeria.


Don’t forget to give yourself a good treat the next time you get into Kano.

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Food Crisis In Northern Nigeria Stretches

Due to the food crisis that has lingered for a long while in the northern part of Nigeria, this has lead Senetor Bello Maitama Yusuf open  a feeding centre in kano northern Nigeria, in his compound where the poor  mostly beggars troop in to get food. The owner of this house, a senator in the National Assembly gives out two meals every day to the destitute who wait at his gate begging for help.

The rice arrives in the compound in bins and is divided up into individual servings each receive a plastic bag of cooked rice to eat.
In recent weeks the numbers of people asking for help have swollen. More people are coming into Kano from the country . For example, Fifteen-year-old Mohammed Mu’azu arrived in Kano two weeks ago from his village in neighbouring Jigawa State. “We have no food at home, and I was sent here to bring back money for my family,” he says. ”The food situation is much worse than last year.”

There are some 5,000 inhabitants of this village, with each family group reaching as many as 50 members. Many of the young people have gone out to the city several times and returned with money for the rest.

Mohammed’s mother Mariam looks eagerly at the photo the BBC has taken of her son. She traces her finger around his head in the camera’s display window. He is the oldest of her children; the only one to have so far gone to Kano to look for work, and she keeps a photo of him taken before his journey to the city. He looks less thin and sad in his mother’s photo. “If you see him again, tell him we are thinking of him, and miss him very much,” she says.

It would  interest you to know that Senator Bello Maitama Yusuf gives 15 sacks of rice a day to this people at his home.


What do you think is the motive behind this kind gesture of the senator? Please drop your comment.

By the BBC’s Andrew Walker