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Baked plantain

Spiced Roasted Plantain

Here’s is another amazing way to enjoy your roasted plantain.

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Unripe Plantain


Plantain is one of the healthiest foods in the world in terms of its nutrient content. 

This nutritious food  is eaten in almost all the parts of Africa and is enjoyed by both children and adults. 

Ogede dudu in Yoruba language (unripe plantain) is very rich in iron, potassium, B- complex vitamins and magnesium.

Boiled unripe plantain served with red fish stew is tasty, delicious and wholesome dish with so many medicinal/ therapeutic properties.

Additionally, plantain contains small amount of serotonin which has the ability to dilate the arteries and improve blood circulation.

It’s regular consumption helps to cure anemia (low blood level) and maintain a healthy heart.

plantain meal

Plantain with Scrambled Eggs

Fried plantain Popularly called ‘dodo’ is a mouth-watering dish served in many homes. Its one simply meal  bachelors would not find difficult to prepare. Some people choose to boil the plantain rather than fry it. Which ever way you prefer to have it, make sure you have your scrambled eggs with it.


3 strands of ripe plantain

2 eggs, beaten

3 fresh tomatoes and pepper

1 medium bulb onion

Pinch of salt

1 maggi cube

Vegetable oil for frying


Boil  plantain for 20 minute with the skin then peel the skin off before serving in a clean plate.


Boiled Plantain

Or if you wish to fry,

Wash and remove the plantain from the peel

Slice the plantain as desired

Sprinkle little salt on it

Set the frying pan on heat and pour two cooking spoon of vegetable oil

When the oil is hot, add the plantain and reduce the heat

Fry on low heat until both sides become golden brown

Reduce the vegetable oil in the frying pan so you can fry the eggs.

Wash the tomatoes, pepper, and onion and chop them in bit.


Pour the chopped tomatoes and fresh pepper into the heated oil

Add a cube of Maggi Seasoning

Sprinkle little salt and allow to fry.


  Sprinkle little salt into the eggs and stir the eggs into the frying tomatoes sauce


Leave for about one minute to rise and form a cake shape.


Then use your table spoon to scatter the cake shape to as to form scramble eggs.


Put off heat when properly cooked

Serve with the fried or boiled plantain and ice tea!

Steamed Beans Pudding (Moi Moi)

Steamed beans pudding also called Moin Moin in West Africa. This is a healthier and luscious way of enjoying beans. It is served in many restaurants and usually goes well with pap, custard, plantain or Ijebu garri . Personally, I like to beautify my Moin Moin to look inviting like adding sliced tomatoes and little bit of ketchup. Or better still some lettuce by the tomatoes.


4 cups beans, peeled

Chilli Pepper to taste

6 medium size tomatoes

1 Paprika

1 large Onion bulb

2 cups bulky chunks of Fish/Sardine/ Minced or chopped Meat

3 Boiled Egg

4 cups rich Stock

2 cups of water

1 cube Maggi Cubes

Salt to taste

3 tbsp Vegetable Oil

Leaves or plastic bowls

Banana leaves to form a base in the pot


Boil the eggs and the meat/fish and cut them into chunks if you are not using minced meat

Soak beans in water for about 20mins

Remove the seed coat by rubbing the beans in between your hands and draining out the seed coat with a sieve

Repeat this till you have sieved out most of the seed coat of the beans; pour into a tray and hand pick the remaining seed coat.

Watch out for stones

Grind the beans, pepper and onions into a smooth paste

Add the vegetable oil, Maggi cube and salt to taste and stir properly

Put banana leaves in a large pot to form a base and place on heat

Put just enough water to cover the base of the pot

Wrap the leaves into the form of cones and fold the bottom upwards

Still holding the bottom, scoop the beans and fill half of the cone

Put the chopped eggs and fish/meat into it

Fold the top of the cone and bend it backwards

Place the wrapped moin moin into the pot

Continue till the mixture is all used up

Pour in more water into the pot and allow to cook till mixture gets tick.