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Photos Of Food Wastage In Delta State Due To Bad Roads

Despite the hard economy in the country it’s sad to see food being wasted due to heavy rains and bad road.

A lady named Adaeze Ogbuenyi is requesting for the government’s immediate intervention in Aballa Uno, Ndokwa East LGA of Delta state, to prevent further food wastage in this difficult economic period. According to her:

“These are farm produce (pictured) wasting in my home town, Aballa Uno in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta state. Thousands of people are going hungry in Nigeria but these produce can’t get to them due to bad road. This town is a major producer of cassava, yams and plantain. Fish etc..
I want to use this medium to appeal to the NDDC, Delta state government and the Federal government to come to the rescue. The contract for this road has been awarded to Interbau company years back but nothing has been done.”

Photo below…

Food waste


Basic Food Storage Tips During Rainy Season

Having difficulty shopping for food stuffs during rainy times especially with the flooded roads making it harder to move around? 

Due to  climate change,many people are taking a proactive approach for surviving these weather-related disasters by building safe rooms to enable them store food for later use.  Here are great tips that can help you prepare for the rainy times.


Choose Foods Your Family Will Eat

 Though you may find many different kinds of foods for long-term storage, only choose those you know you and your family will eat. The expense of buying and storing food isn’t worth it if your family won’t eat the foods. Choose grain flours like wheat, oatmeal or cornmeal. These are dry foods that are easy to store and can be used in a variety of dishes. Dry milk can be used for drinking or cooking. Canned soup, dried soup in a cup, canned meats, beans, pasta and canned or dried fruits are recommended. Canned juices, canned vegetables can be kept indefinitely. Ready-to-eat cereals are another good choice for long-term storage.

Store In A Cool, Dry Place

 Cool temperatures favor the preservation of all food. Avoid keeping canned or dry food outdoors. The basement is a good place to keep stored food because temperatures are usually several degrees lower, regardless of the outdoor temperatures. Most homes have kitchen store where such items can be properly arranged. Check containers to ensure that they are properly sealed to prevent any air from deteriorating the foods. 

Store Food Off the Floor

Purchase or construct shelves or raised platform to prevent problems with moisture or rodents. Keep foodstuffs away from concrete walls, which can leak during periods of heavy rain. Do not store foods near chemicals, paint, soaps or fuels that can contaminate the food with odors or offensive tastes. 

Rotate Stock Periodically

Maintain proper labels on your foods. This should include the type of food as well as the expiration date. Throw out any foods that no longer have a readable label. Rotate the stock on a regular basis to ensure that you have a fresh stock of foods available if needed.

Something you can do now to be ready for this is to grow a garden of fresh veggies.

If you have food growing, you will have plenty of food when the crop is ready I guarantee that the quality of the food you grow is much better than anything you can buy already canned.  You can also raise a few animals and learn how to get milk, eggs, and meat from them. Some communities allow for some chickens, rabbits, and other animals in your back yard.