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Recipe – Unripe Plantain, Catfish Pepper Soup – aka ”Ukodo”

Unripe plantain and yam pepper soup is one delicacy you would love to try. I call it the healthiest food in the world because it is rich in Iron and protein. This delicacy, known as ”Ukodo” in Delta state is  mostly  prepared to entertain guest during an occasion or used to help a nursing mother get the essential nourishment she deserves.

If you have tasted the pepper soup spice from Delta state,You’ll believe me when I confidently say that the original pepper soup recipe and ingredients come from Delta *smiling* if you’ve not tasted any from that area then  you should.

Below are the necessary ingredients you need . But, should you find it difficult to get the listed ingredients as they might not be widely known. You could just ask for pepper soup spice from a trusted Igbo food stuff seller.

  • Goat meat/ Cat Fish
  • Yam tube
  • Iwo/Ehuru  (that’s what gives the pepper soup aroma)
  • Urheri /Uda  (you take out the seed and discard)
  • Irugeje (21/2 tsb)
  • Umilo/Ulima
  • Ground Crayfish
  • Ataiko/Atariko 1/2 tsb
  • Ground Peppr
  • Seasoning cubes
  •  Salt


  •  After proper washing, cut the Cat fish or Goat meat in small pieces and place in a pot to boil, season as usual.
  • Crack open the Umilo, Gbafilo and Iwo, alongside ataiko and irugeje and dry blend the contents  You can add a bit of ground crayfish so that it blends easily.
  • If you are using goat meat, when meat is half way done, cut up chunks of yam and plantain, add to the pot with the meat inside so it cooks together. But should you be using Cat fish, boil the unripe plantain and yam first, add the cat fish and the ingredients.
  • Add your ground spices as listed above including- pepper, ataiko, irugeje, iwo, umilo, gbafilo, crayfish
  • Add seasoning cubes and salt to taste but be mindful of the quantity you add as earlier you might have use salt while boiling the goat meat.
  • Cover and allow to cook for 20 minutes and serve hot with your favourite drink.


4 Amazing Benefits Of Nutmeg

I love nutmeg  in baked goods. I put it on everything especially in my favourite sauce,  soups to give it that unique taste and aroma.

One thing to keep in mind is that ground nutmeg begins to lose it flavour as soon as it’s grated. So I buy seed nutmeg and grate the quantity I need for my meal as this has more intense flavour.

Just curious to know the health benefits of adding nutmeg to a meal so I did a few researches and found  some fun facts I thought I could share.

Little as it is, it’s filled with amazing wonders.

  • Do you know adding nutmeg to your meal is good for sex? Hum… you might say.  Yes, Nutmeg stimulates nerve cells and blood circulation boosting sexual desire.
  • Nutmeg helps eliminate fatigue and stress and improves concentration level.
  • Nutmeg can also help you lose weight  because it serve as detoxification by breaking down fats and cholesterol. It’s also low in sodium and high in fibre.
  • Because of its antibacterial properties, nutmeg is used to treat bad breath.

NOTE:  I must state that overuse of nutmeg is known to cause sweating, hallucination and other discomforts. At first I doubted this not until a friend confirm this to me. So do use this wonder spice in moderation.