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Cocacola Sued For Misleading Consumers

Coca-Cola Co and the American Beverage Association trade group were sued on Wednesday for allegedly misleading consumers about the health risk of consuming sugary beverages.

The case was filed in a federal court in Oakland, California, U.S.

The non-profit Praxis Project accused the defendants of downplaying the risks to boost sales, despite scientific evidence linking sugary beverages to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Praxis accused both defendants of using euphemisms such as “balance” and “calories in, calories out” to mislead consumers. It also accused Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, of trying to mislead the public into thinking the lack of exercise was the real cause of obesity.

“The notion that Coke’s products can be part of a healthy-diet is imprinted in the minds of millions of people and requires corrective-action,” Maia Kats, the Litigation Director Of the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) which helped file the lawsuit, said.

However, Coca-Cola Spokesman, Kent Landers, described the lawsuit as “legally and factually meritless.

“We take our consumers and their health very seriously and have been on a journey to become a more credible and helpful partner in helping consumers to manage their sugar consumption.”

The American Beverage Association also described the accusations as “baseless”, noting that “together with members, we are working with health groups to reduce consumers’ caloric and sugar intake from beverages.”

Wednesday’s lawsuit seeks to stop misleading marketing and requires more consumer warnings, among other remedies.

Filed in the federal court in Oakland, California. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo Inc pledged to bolster efforts to reduce added sugar in beverages.

Reasons Why Sugar Is Toxic To Your Body

When expert warm against the dangers of consuming sugar and the health risk, most people think it means literally taking too many spoonful of sugar. But do you know that sugar comes to us in different forms like through  candies, ice cream and other desserts? The most troubling sugar of all isn’t the added sugar we consume on purpose; it’s the stuff we don’t even know we’re eating.   “Added sugars are sugars that are contributed during the processing or preparation of foods and beverages,”   Please note that the sugar naturally found in milk and dairy products, are naturally occurring fructose, the sugar that appears in fruit, don’t count.

Research have found out that a higher in take of sugar could mess up our body system. Naturally, once we take food that contains sugar, the body feels unsatisfied and seeks greater and greater doses of sugar in order for the flavor to register. That leads us to seek out candies and baked goods at the expense of real food.

This is so because our brain have a feel good hormone known as Oxytocin that make us feel satisfied immediately we consume sugary food. But ingredients that are used in foods to provide added sweetness and calories, from the much high fructose corn syrup to healthier-sounding ones like date syrup, cane sugar, and honey, are all considered added sugars.   So giving up added sugar has been shown to have several dramatic and rapid impacts on our health.

Moreso, cosumption of too much sugar significantly increases the levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterols), plus two proteins associated with elevated cholesterols and another compound, uric acid, that’s associated with diabetes and gout. So found a 2015 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


3 Ways to Avoid That Holiday Sugar Overdose

The holiday season comes with lots of celebrations and  celebrations attract over indulgence of sugary foods, cookies, snack that are either made or received as gift from families, work mates or neighbours. This is usually part of long-standing family traditions and workplace customs that is unavoidable.

We all know the effect of over consumption of sugar in our body system. Not only can it lead to weight gain, but we put ourselves at greater risk of type 2 diabetes.  Instead of stuck in the miserable after effects of eating excess sugary foods, here are three ways to avoid that holiday sugar overdose,

1. Listen to your mind before eating or picking up that the plate

Take a breath, listen to your mind, and ask yourself if this is what your body needs to keep healthy?  Never panic that your neighbour might feel offended if you don’t share in the food or cookies. You may not find the perfect answer to give at the moment, but you have given yourself the chance to leave the sugar on the table.

2. Prepare yourself

If you’re the one in charge of the treats, look for ways to reduce the amount of sugar in your recipes. For example, many recipes can lose a quarter cup of sugar with little to no effect on taste or texture. You can also find inspiration at websites such as againstallgrain.com or chocolatecoveredkatie.com that offer healthful versions of dessert recipes.

3. Celebrate your efforts

You’ve put energy into taking charge of your health and not allow your cravings make you take overdose of sugar, so you deserve to acknowledge and appreciate that work with a positive statement about yourself or how you’d like to be. When you treat your body and mind with care, you are able to be more present with the people and situations around you and not allow the situation around overrule you good sense of judgement.

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