Potatoe fries (food republic)

Potato Fries with Veggies

Beautiful food is more attractive and wakes up the hunger in you.

Don’t just cook and serve the food like that, but garnishing and presentation makes your plate of food inviting to eat.

If you love to watch food competition programm on T.V, like my favorite chopped series, you’ll notice that the judges not only lay emphasis on tatse but also on presentaion.

We don’t have to be in a competion before we can get creative. Rather good presentation of the meals we eat at home, we serve to visitors, these really matters because it shows how tidy and creative you the cook can be in the kitchen.

So make it your aim to cook wisely and serve smartly.

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PotatoPotato and veggiesPotato fries

Stewed Peas With Chicken Fingers

What’s for breakfast or dinner today? Try this simple peas stew with chicken fingers, you’ll love it.

Photo credit: Sweet-life-ja

Chicken fingerschicken stewPeas stew

Cake Doughnut

Would you prefer a cake like doughnut to a yeast doughnut? This tender cake like doughnut is a little piece of heaven at breakfast!

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Red Cupcakes

Look at this red-velvet cupcake! We’ve found  great cupcakes recipes here on how to make them:

Photo credit: nowyourecooking

Which Would You Spend More Money On?

Which do you prefer for your meal? Peppered Kpomo or jerk Chicken.



jerk chickenpeppered kpomo

Instant Noodle Soup

When you’re in the mood for noodles,  do you crave a steaming bowl of stir-fry or soup noodles?

Noodle soupnoodles

Would You Find This Sandwich Boring?

Look carefully at this photo and never make a boring sandwich again.  Lol…. did I said never? Yes, because due to our busy schedule, we are unable to think out the right ingredient that should accompany a sandwich.

So rather than the eggs and tomato sandwich, this gives you a clue of what to add.

Fries With Jerk Chicken

This Jamaican jerk chicken with fries is heavenly!

fries with chickenJamaican jerk chickenjerk chicken