Is there something better than the smell and taste of your favourite coffee in the morning? Enjoying the fresh air on the balcony, relaxing from the long night sleep, and feeling the aroma in your nose from the coffee that was just taken off the boiling stove?

There’s nothing better than this. It’s the ultimate image for adults who are then going to face the difficulties and challenges coming from the world. Finding the best coffee for you, is not easy, though. The one that will make true enjoyment needs to be searched. See here why people love drinking it.

In times of a Covid-19 pandemic, most stores are closed and we need to go through the internet to search for the one we love. In this article, we’re sharing a few tips on how to do it. We’ll show you how to find an astonishing speciality coffee that will make all your senses tingle from enjoyment. Keep and see for yourself.

What is Speciality coffee?

The term speciality was invented in the 70s when true coffee lovers wanted to clarify what excellent beans mean. They invented this word to differentiate poor quality and amazing one. When you wanted to order top of the line beans, you’d ask for speciality coffee.

It still used today, with the difference that even the speciality brands fall into three different categories depending on how good they are. Based on expert-level research, the beans sold can be very good, excellent, and outstanding. Now let’s see what you need to know before ordering one.

1. Learn more about origin and flavours

Before going shopping online, you need to know the differences between coffees coming from all around the world. The most famous locations in the industry are Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, and so on.

Based on the location, the beans may fall into two main categories – Robusta or Arabica. They both have different flavours and tastes, so you should know the difference and find out which one is your favourite. Arabica is more popular and most people drink it because it has a mild and ordinary rich taste, while Robusta is more fruitful and has a stringer coffee odour.

2. Learn more about brands

Knowing the facts from above will make you know what you’re looking for. You will easily find the best speciality coffee shop if you know what you’re looking for. When you realize that you love Robusta from Kenya, for example, you’ll only look for stores that sell this one.

Lots of stores sell one type from more brands. This is also valuable information. You should know which brand manages to roast and prepare your coffee better. Learning more about them is crucial if you want to have the perfect cup in the morning and throughout the day.

3. Use the search engines to locate favourite brands

To find out about them, you should go to any search engine and type in what you’re looking for. For example, you can ask the search engine what brands make Kenyan Robusta. The engine will find a source that will display a list and you’ll easily know what to look for in stores.

4. Read online reviews about stores

At the same time while learning about brands on the internet, you should learn about the professionalism of the stores. Not all of them are going to deliver perfection. To be sure that you’re getting the best, you need to do your research on them too.

Check out Yelp, or Trustpilot, and find out what online store is doing a great job for their customers. You’ll notice that not all of them have the same reputation. Some are delivering slowly, others send wrong packages, and you don’t want these kinds of things. Opt for the one that has the highest reputation and be sure you’re getting the best.


We hope that you had the chance to learn everything about speciality coffee in this article. You know now what it means, where coffee comes from, what the types are, and what is crucial to do before ordering a bag. Do your research, learn, and then enjoy perfection.

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