You can become a star cook among your camping friends with a camp cooking brisket dutch oven. With the help of a camp cooking brisket dutch oven, you can prepare a finger- licking feast for a large gathering. After a long day of camping outdoors, brisket cooked over the campfire, with its smoky flavor is sure to be a treat for your senses. Making a brisket dish that is large enough will also provide you with the added advantage of being able to use the leftovers to prepare tasty sandwiches for breakfast the next day.

Let us now help you, by giving you a camp cooking brisket dutch oven recipe to serve a large number of people. For your convenience, most of the preparation of this dish can be done at home, in your kitchen before leaving for your camping trip. This will ensure that it will be much easier for you to cook this dish at the camp.

– Blend 6 minced garlics, some salt and pepper as well as 3 tablespoons liquid smoke. Hand rub this blend on both sides of a fresh brisket that is around 6 pounds. Slice two onions and place them over the brisket. Let this concoction marinade for a least of 24 hours.

– To prepare the sauce, put 1/2 cup each of barbecue sauce, brown sugar and beer. Also add 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce alongwith 2 tablespoons liquid smoke. Let this mixture simmer in a camp cooking brisket dutch oven, till the sugar completely dissolves.

– Put the marinated brisket in the oven and pour the sauce on top of it in a way that it entirely covers the brisket.

– Put about 6-8 hot coals under the oven and 10-12 of them on top it in order to let the brisket cook slowly. It will take around 5 hours for the dish to get ready.

You need to buy a camp cooking brisket dutch oven that is deep and large enough to hold an entire rack of ribs. You can choose from amongst an extensive range of sizes and styles of the dutch oven ideal for cooking brisket.

Your best bet would be to buy a dutch oven that made of cast iron. This is because not only is cast iron very durable and will make sure that your dutch oven lasts years if you maintain it properly, but also because dutch ovens made of cast iron add a distinct flavor to the food. Another option is to go in for an aluminium camp cooking brisket dutch oven. This oven is much lighter than the cast iron one, is easier to clean and take care of and can heat up as well as cool down quickly. However the downside is that these aluminium ovens rust quite easily and can even melt under high temperatures.

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