Barbeque Grilling

It is one of the most popular and oldest cooking methods to grill food which induces a kind of burnt flavor into it. You can grill various types of meat using different grilling techniques and grilling devices. Barbecue is a slow cooking technique in which you cook the food on heat by grilling it.

People often choose the Barbecue method to grill the meat for its charcoal burnt flavor. It is quite popular for camping trips, get-togethers, evening dinner parties etc. You have a wide variety of meat that you can choose to grill on a barbecue.

Choosing the meat for barbecue

It is a personal choice when it comes to selecting the best BBQ meats in Melbourne for a barbecue. The selected meat is essential in adding the flavor. It is said that meat cuts that have collagen in them are more delicious when cooked on the grill. They have to be cooked on direct heat for a specific time to add that charcoal flavor that you can get by a Barbecue grill. Generally, thin cut of meat is said to be delicious if it’s cooked for a longer period of time whereas a thick cut of meat is said to be delicious if it is fast cooked.

There are different types of meats that you can choose from. Few of them are listed as follows:

Steak or Beef

Beef is one of the popular makes to Grill in a barbecue. The juicy piece of steak is famous during summer barbecue parties. Different types of beef cuts which have to be cooked differently as per the thickness off the meat.  Hamburgers are minced beef that are made into patties and grill over direct heat. Rib eye Steak and T bone steaks are classic grilling steaks which are grilled on direct heat after seasoning them. Lesser known States which are very flavorful like flat iron steak skirt steak flank steak Hanger steak extra


A few cuts of pork have the best flavor when grilled on a barbecue. Grilling pork is as similar as grilling a beef. Depending on the thickness of the pork, they can be grilled for 2-3 minutes on each side. Pork chops are one of the most popular cuts that are used for barbecue. South Korea has many popular delicacies on grilling beef and pork. 


Chicken is also extremely popular when it comes to Barbeque. Chicken has to be cooked on medium heat for a longer duration after it is marinated thoroughly. There is a risk of having a dry chicken if it is not marinated long enough. It is also very important to keep on braising the chicken with a sauce while grilling to keep it moist and tender. 

Now that you have a fair idea of different options of meat that you can grill for a barbecue, it is your personal choice to go with what suits your palate.

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