There are so many things to think about when you are planning your wedding. Don’t forget, however, that your guests will probably remember the food the most. Below are things you should consider while meeting with catering companies northern va. These factors can make or break your wedding budget, so think about them well.

Decide on the serving style

The serving style if your wedding reception will depend heavily on a lot of things including your budget, the needs of your guests, how your program will run, and how formal or casual your wedding is. Wedding receptions that fall in the evening usually require more formality so a sit-down dinner might be appropriate. However, buffet serving is also trendy because it eliminates food wastage in case some guests didn’t come. It’s usually a toss between these two, with the option to include a children’s menu and a children’s table for members of the entourage who can’t eat what’s on the adult menu yet.

Go for what’s great during the season

Consider the date of your wedding. What season will that probably be? Seasonal food is cheaper, more appropriate for the temperature, and could help you tie up loose ends with the theme of your wedding. Even if there are price hikes with food, seasonal ingredients will probably be cheaper than most, and this will give you enough room to serve more people.

Don’t forget to include your favorites

There’s no reason for you not to include favorite dishes. It’s your wedding and you want to share the food with your guests. It could give your reception menu an even deeper meaning. If you are undecided about what cuisine to serve, including one or two favorites might just help you and your caterer decide on a specific set meal.

Look out for allergies and dietary needs

If you are serving set plates, you need to make sure your guests are given a choice between two sets of meals. This eliminates allergy problems or dietary restrictions. As they RSVP, allow them to give you a card or text you about their food preferences because of allergies or certain illnesses. Special plates could be requested from the caterer. If you have opted for a buffet, you may offer more entrees for those who might be allergic to seafood, or for those who are not allowed to eat certain meats. Don’t forget to include vegetable dishes in your selection.

If you are going vegan, make sure guests are full enough

Some couples who are vegan themselves opt for a vegan menu. While there is plenty of room to move around with vegan food and some of them are actually quite delicious, you may find that people who are used to eating meat get hungry easily after consuming vegetables. If you have decided to only serve non-meat and non-dairy products, you might want to up the volume a little so your guests could get more food if they wish. You may also choose not to have a completely vegan meal. Pasta with a little meat in them and cream sauces usually help to fill up the tummy. Some slices of protein in the grazing section also provide more tasty options and could fill up your guest’s caloric requirements.

Keep the budget in mind

Don’t forget to always work with your budget. Of course, the budget for your wedding can be stretched later on but you do not want to live in debt after the wedding. Stick to it, be open and honest with your caterer, and work with your financial limitations. The best caterers can give you several options so you can still feed all your guests and they won’t even notice your budget constraints.

Go with the theme

If your theme is Japanese, it makes choosing Japanese cuisine easy. If you have an autumn or winter theme because your wedding falls on that season, then choosing dishes that are hearty only makes sense. Consider the theme of your wedding and see how well this can be incorporated in the wedding reception menu.

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