No matter the quality or the cost of restaurant food, the people involved in owning and working in the restaurant industry are required to keep their food and their premises safe for clients. Tainted food can cause serious injuries, and failing to maintain floors, stairs, sidewalks, or porches can cause devastating accidents. Most people do not think about the fact that restaurants may not take care of their facilities or prepare food incorrectly, and therefore are unaware they may be at risk of injury when they open that door.

The kitchen has the most hazards in a restaurant. The majority of fires in these locations occur because of kitchen-related incidents. There are electrical hazards in a kitchen and often times open flames that must be attended to. Kitchen equipment must be maintained to prevent these incidents.

The kitchen also poses a risk because ill-prepared food is responsible for many bad experiences at restaurants. Improper food handling may occur because of a failure to wash fruit and produce correctly, cook thoroughly, clean water, or improper storage. Each of these can lead to serious injuries.

Poorly maintained stairs and other surfaces may also be responsible for restaurant injuries. Slip and falls often happen due to wet floors. A restaurant should supply accessible safety equipment in their premises as well. This includes fire extinguishers and the correct number of the fire alarms. Many restaurants will also try to save money by skipping the costs of maintaining their premises. Over time, wood may deteriorate and sidewalks may crack. In cold weather, ice and snow pose a serious risk. Pests such as termites, rats, and cockroaches can affect the safety of a premise and the food.

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