Tupperware and Plastic Quality.

There are many brands of plastic storage containers on the market, all designs, styles, sizes, colours, sets, and of course, qualities.
Important things about choosing your plastic food containers including your budget, your needs, how much use the containers will have, ie home use or business use, and what foods you will be storing.

Why you should buy the best.

Cheap Tupperware and plastic food storage has a problem, it doesn’t always keep the food as fresh or as hot or cold as you want. Lower quality plastics may not insulate food well, so you may find that food has gone sour or mouldy much quicker than you expect. Cheaper brands also do not ventilate well or at all, which can lead to condensation building up, ultimately leading to soggy, spoiled or rotting food.

Cost vs Quality.

The other problem with cheap Tupperware is that it is unlikely to last as long as better brands. The containers may become brittle if you put them in the freezer, they may stain and contain residues of food, which may affect any other food put in. Although there are tips and tricks to clean them: https://www.midlifehealthyliving.com/how-to-remove-stains-from-tupperware/

One of the common problems with cheap tupperware is that it bends, the containers and lids warp, especially if hot food is placed into them or they are washed in hot water or used in a warm environment. Once a container or lid warps, the lid doesn’t fit as well and thus the food may go of, but also, the lids may come off at the wrong moment, for example when you are carrying containers full of hot food, then you will end up with food everywhere and a mess.

If you are running a catering or food supply business, you will need to meet food hygiene standards, and you can only do that if your storage containers are good quality and keeping the food clean and at the right temperature without condensation.

For good quality Tupperware, visit System Pak – https://www.systempak.net/
Here you will find containers which won’t bend, break, stain or warp like the cheaper ones. The range of products covers every kind of food and beverage, hot and cold, as well as tamper-evident containers and labelling.


Good quality food containers come with some guarantee and arrangement to return or replace, whereas, cheaper brands or second-hand products may not have any arrangement, which could be costly to you.
Care for your containers will help to make them last, and here are some tips on caring for your quality plastic containers and making them last:
Hopefully you now know the formula, buy quality brands, care for them well, and they should give a good quality service for a long time.

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