People in UK have been enjoying barbeque foods served by BBQs 2u for the last few decades and that has made this family business a popular name in every household. Now BBQs 2u is going to use its popularity to market the products of a world-famous brand called Kamado Joe. 

People can buy all grills and ovens from Kamado Joe from the online store as well as the offline stores of BBQs 2u. Also, BBQs 2u is going to provide all kinds of after-sales service for all these products.

Kamado Joe ovens and grills are very well-known products. You can now buy Kamado Joe Junior from your old friendly barbeque shop and also get a few tips or two for making tasty barbeque foods. Kamado Joe ovens have the following features:

Fuel efficient

By virtue of its heavy ceramic construction, the fuel efficiency will be very high. The thick sides of the oven will retain the entire heat so well, and very little oxygen and charcoal will be necessary for continuing to fuel the entire fire inside the oven. This will be very suitable for long and slow cooking.

People who are diehard grillers will enjoy cooking throughout the season of cold winter.

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Versatile cooking methods

Besides the fuel efficiency, these grills are designed for accommodating a large spectrum of various cooking methods. There will be a few accessories such as a certain ceramic heat deflector which will totally turn the kamado direct grill into an indirect cooker, which will be very similar to an oven. 

There will also be a firebox divider for creating 2 distinct cooking zones so that 2 distinct different zones can be set up. By taking the help of its various accessories this kamado grill will be able to roast, bake, smoke, grill, and also much more.  

Also, there is an exclusive multilevel and half-rack design that can double the cooking space that will free the user to cook all kinds of foods on many different levels and also on different types of cooking surfaces. 

Important notes 

Users may note that all Kamado grill models may not be the exactly same. Some of the models of kamados may have higher quality construction. They may have much better and improved design features and make them much more versatile grill too. 

Kamado Joe Jr model

For any beach parties, road trips, camping weekends, people will love to carry this Kamado Joe Jnr model which is a quite portable model. The following are the few important features of this junior model: 

  • Thick ceramic walls can create excellent retention of heat
  • Can minimise the cooking cost as it is very fuel-efficient
  • The included stand made of cast iron is very strong and sturdy and makes it very easy to locate a suitable place for smoking it while on the move
  • A ceramic heat deflector can create an ideal temperature zone meant for smoking
  • Easy to clean through the ash door
  • Accurate built-in thermometer
  • Lifetime guarantee

People can find a lot of info about various models of Kamado Joe grills on different social media sites like Pinterest, etc.  

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