A gin and tonic, also known as a G&T, can be one of the most refreshing drinks you’ll ever enjoy. When made correctly, the combination of the sweet, bitter, and crisp flavours make it an ideal cocktail on hot summer days or any time you want to unwind with friends. But whether your G&T is good depends on the ingredients and their quality—you don’t want to be drinking an overpriced bottle of juniper-flavoured water! Here are six tips to help you make the perfect gin and tonic every time.

1) Use Tonic Water 

When you’re looking to make a tasty flavoured gin & tonic, it’s important to use quality ingredients. Most tonic waters are manufactured with high-fructose corn syrup, which adds unnecessary calories to your drink. A better option is agave nectar as a natural sweetener. There are also several different varieties of tonic water available that won’t compromise your taste buds or diet. Just avoid sugar cane-based beverages if you’re watching your sugar intake because they tend to have just as much sugar as regular soda.

2) Choose the right glass

To get your gin and tonic just right, it’s important to choose a glass that’s perfect for both. Using a tall, stout glass will help ensure you can see all of those gorgeous gin bubbles rising up from your tonic water. Furthermore, choosing a tulip-shaped glass or other narrow glasses will help deliver maximum aroma to your nose (which is arguably just as important as flavour when it comes to G&Ts).

3) Use Fresh Ingredients

Because there are so many ingredients in tonic water, it’s important to use fresh ingredients. Fresh lemons add a bright citrus taste that can’t be replicated by other methods of preservation. They’re also more environmentally friendly than bottled lemon juice, plus you won’t get any extra additives or preservatives that might mess with your drink’s flavour. If you don’t have a fresh lemon available, you could try using an orange or grapefruit instead.

4) Garnish Properly

A great tip for an exceptional gin and tonic is to make sure you properly garnish your drink. Most gins have a slightly bitter taste which can be cut down by mixing in both citrus zest or juice with a little bit of sugar or simple syrup, depending on your preference. After mixing your gin with these flavorful ingredients, add some ice cubes and enjoy! If you want to add a touch of class to your cocktail, use sparkling water as opposed to still water.

5) Go big with the ice 

The bigger your cubes, the more melting they’ll do and, as a result, more dilution. To get all of those bubbles in there—and keep them that way—use smaller ice. It won’t melt as quickly so you’ll get more bubbles per sip. Add a bit of fizz: Ginger ale is a classic mixer with gin but it can be tough to make homemade ginger ale taste like your favourite brand.

6) The Gin 

Last but certainly not least, choose your gin. If you’re lucky enough to live near the best welsh gin distillery, try out their gin selection. Many craft-distillers put a lot of care into choosing botanicals (the ingredients which go into making it) and every detail of how they’re added, so if you like their liquor, you can bet it will be delicious in your tonic water.

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