A lot of people turn their noses up at drinking water purification systems, as they believe that bottled or just plain tap water is good enough for them. Few people know just how dangerous for them drinking bottled water is, and many people simply tend to ignore all of the evidence of contamination in our groundwater system. Both bottled water and unfiltered tap water are dangerous for you to drink.

Despite what many people think, bottled water is in most cases nothing more than tap water that has been filtered to reduce odors and improve taste.

All that is really done to sanitize your bottled water is filtering it to remove chlorine. Chlorine is but one of more than 2,000 carcinogens potentially present in tap water, and one of 80,000 toxic chemical agents in our groundwater system overall.

Bottled water isn’t nearly as clean as tap water filtered using a high quality home drinking water purification system.

The bottled water industry is more loosely regulated than the municipal water treatment facilities that provide you with your tap water are. How many times have you read about recalls on popular brands of bottled water due to the discovery of high levels of carcinogenic chemicals?

The truth is that bottled water is nearly always tainted with toxic and carcinogenic substances to one degree or another, and even those times the water was recalled the public was lucky that the contamination was caught.

Bottled water does not have to be tested for measurable levels of toxins and carcinogens if it doesn’t cross state lines. Most of the water is bottled in the same state where it is sold, so unusually high levels of contamination are almost never discovered.

For those that still can’t understand the need for home drinking water purification systems because they feel that tap water can’t harm them, I have news for you. If you are not concerned because you feel the presence of “traces” of toxic and carcinogenic substances aren’t dangerous, then you obviously don’t understand what happens when chemicals mix together. When two or more chemicals come into contact they feed off of one another to become exponentially more potent, so even traces of chemicals in your tap water can take a serious toll on you.

A well made home drinking water purification system offers you everything you need in order to remove as much as 99.99% of the chemicals,

You can remove pharmaceuticals, toxic heavy metals, and disinfectant resistant parasites from your water. This is accomplished through combining activated granular carbon, a sub micron filter, and an ion exchange. An ion exchange will also add essential minerals to your water, and keep pH levels in balance in addition to removing contaminants.

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