Even though dates may look wrinkly and brown but when it comes to a fruit that’s brimming with health benefits, it has to be high on the list. They are sweet, delicious, and can be added to your ‘staying healthy’ list of food. With its scrumptious caramel flavor to add to your taste bud, you can enjoy it every day yet add more gains to your health. 

Even though initially back in the day’s dates were only grown in the Middle East, thankfully these days they are readily accessible in many parts of the world including India, Northern Africa, and California. You can now buy dates online and in numerous varieties. You can even easily find it in your grocery store. Even though there are so many varieties of dates out there one of the common and healthiest ones is Medjool dates. Not only does it taste great and have a rich flavor, but even its health benefits are also enriching to learn. 

Now you can add dates to your diet but having it in the same way every day could get a bit dull for you. Then why not challenge yourself and know about some great delectable ideas by which you can eat dates or add them to your recipes? 

  • Add it to your Fruitcake

If you love dates, then you probably must have tasted it in a fruitcake by now. One of the most common ways to eat them is unquestionably in fruitcakes in the US. The good part is, you can easily make it at home. Add more dates and relish fruit cake in an old-fashioned way. Nothing can beat a good date-filled fruitcake! Agree? 

  • Smoothie

Be it pitted or Medjool dates, every variety of it just adds an amazing taste to your smoothie. It not only adds a sweet flavor but also makes your drink anti-oxidant and fiber-rich! Add all kinds of fruits, and nuts along with dates, a combination that never goes wrong! 

  • Why not in Salads? 

Chop them up and add them to your salad the next time you’re preparing one. Do add some nuts and some cheese too. We promise you; you will not regret it and enjoy your salads much more than before!

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