There are a few extraordinary moments in life and the wedding is one of them. If you’re preparing for this big day, then you want everything to be arranged perfectly. Nothing can be missed and all details should be covered to show the importance of the day. It needs to be flawless.

When you’re thinking about a wedding, you want everything done by your style and interest. When you’re hiring a band, you’ll hire those who are excellent at playing the tunes that you love. Some are more into country, and those who are rock-oriented. You’ll choose the ones that are close to your style.

The same goes for everything else. You need to think about what you love and choose those elements. The flowers, the chairs, the stage, the venue, and of course, the cake and the cake stand. These are highly important issues that you need to think about because they’ll be in all wedding photos and videos.

They represent who you are. If you choose something poorly, everyone will see what your taste is, and you won’t like to be seen as someone who can’t choose an adequate stand. Instead, you want to find the best one that will go perfectly with the cake and with your special day.

Look for a matching stand that will fit the cake

There are tons of different cakes that you can choose from. Some of them are very tall, others are rich and short, and some are too glamorous to be on a stand at all. You need to choose one that will fit perfectly. You can’t order a cake that will not fit with the stand, and you can’t order a stand that will simply not be used because it can’t withhold the cake.

These things are connected and you need to have this in mind. You must choose both at the same time, or at least adapt one to the other. What you certainly can’t do is choose both separately and go with them just because you love how they look. This is a composition and they both need to go together.

Some of the issues you need to mind are the color, the size, and the height. In general, with a high cake, you will need a stand that will be able to withhold the entire thing. It needs to be safe while transporting, and you can’t risk damaging it.

Also, it must be wide enough so the entire piece looks perfect. You can’t have a dominant cake and a stand that looks like a joke. They must go together. Think about this when making your choice. See some rules about this that will help you choose here.

The colors are also something that you must worry about. Although this is an issue that often can be understood differently by people, there are still some rules to follow. You can’t just go with anything if you want to be stylish, but you shouldn’t obey rules entirely if you have your own taste and needs.

Choose the material

The material can be different. There are options for everyone and every style. Some are made of glass, others are made of porcelain, steel, wood, there’s everything for everyone. If you have a vintage cake, of course, that you’ll need to go with materials that are also going to look this way.

Choosing a stainless steel modern stand that looks like a spaceship won’t go with a traditional cake that will look like it was made in the 50s. The same goes the other way around, a wooden vintage stand won’t be perfect with a modern type of cake that is going to represent a modern and classy style.

In general, people love to follow trends so it may be best if you think about what is popular at the moment. Check out some of the cake stand trends on the internet and see what people are ordering these days, so you can choose the adequate stand too. These things are connected so you need to be sure you’re doing a great job.

What’s trending?

Today’s weddings have everything. Whatever the bride and groom love – people at the cake stores will make it. Sometimes this is a lavish project, and other times it’s more modest. What’s important from a trending aspect is that ordinary traditional cakes are no more mandatory.

We see more and more people choosing small individual cake pieces that are served to their guests. This does not require a big stand where the cake will be placed, but they go on small plates just like an ordinary dish you’d get in a restaurant.

When it comes to big pieces and more traditional ideas, we see a rise in flower ornaments that go around it. They are decorated with flowers or other edible pieces that will make the ordinary form of the cake more playful and interesting.

What’s not trending is cakes overflown with details, cakes that will look like they are coming from a soap opera. Instead, clean forms with small decorations are what we see as a much more interesting option for people getting married these days.

Although the cake is one of the most valuable details of the wedding, they choose it to be more ordinary and not detail-oriented which is in accordance with what their life looks like. Today’s living trends dictate simplicity and a clean approach to items. That’s how their weddings are and that who their cakes are made.


These are some of the trends today and that’s how you need to choose your stand when you decide to have the wedding of your life. It’s mandatory to know these rules if you want to have everything done properly. See more about wedding rules here:

Details are crucial. They are going to be shown on all wedding photos and unlike before, now weddings are aired live on social media. Everyone will see everything, so you must take care of all details for your big day.

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