From Guy Fieri’s “Guy’s Grocery Games” and “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”, to owning restaurants worldwide, Chef Aaron May is the go-to chef these days! While the COVID-19 situation has many of us on lockdown, Chef May has been partnering up with some notable businessmen such as Joshua Kuyt, Farshad Dehbozorgi and Mo Mostashari and social media influencer Adam Waheed to open up a pizzeria in Hollywood, California called Dough Pizzeria & Bar.

Chef May took some time out to dish with us on his new restaurant and some tips for others looking at diving into the food industry as well.

  1. How excited are you to bring your talents to a pizzeria like Dough?

To be able to cook pizzas my way in such an amazing location is an amazing feeling.  The simple pleasures of pizza and the great ingredients with all the energy of the Sunset Strip [in Hollywood, CA] and iconic neighbors make Dough such a special place.  

  1. What new menu items can visitors of Dough look forward to?

We are really focused on keeping things simple and delicious! Pizza is about a few ingredients coming together to equal more than the sum of its parts. That being said… the meatballs and wings are gonna be show-stoppers too!  

  1. What are the key 3 things that go into running a restaurant? 

At the end of the day it’s training and staff that make a place great. You have to instill and trust in the staff to execute your vision with you – without them it just never works. The people, the best ingredients and a true desire to provide hospitality are the keys.  

  1. You’ve cooked with the best of the best. Who has been a role model and someone you’ve always admired in the cooking world?

There are so many people who I could mention as chefs I admire, and I count myself lucky to know so many amazing chefs but Guy Fieri obviously has made a huge impact on my career, and the way he looks at food and restaurants is really unique; A truly generous person with his time and knowledge. Growing up as a young cook to think I would be cooking alongside guys like Rocco Dispirito and Todd English and one day call them friends, I would never have believed that.   

  1. And finally: What type of pizza do you like best? And what’s your drink of choice to go with that pizza selection?

I’m a huge fan of a simple cheese and pepperoni pizza. I like mine a little well done and paired with the coldest beer in the building!   

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