Getting the best gadgets in to the kitchen can help you to create some amazing meals with very little effort involved. All kinds of gadgets have been created to aid everyday cooking processes with one of the latest and most popular gadgets being the air fryer.

By what is this latest cooking revolution?

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer, or friggitrice ad aria, is a newer method of cooking which can all be done inside one device. Placed on top of the worksurface, the exterior looks a little like a food processor but it cooks food instead of chopping it down in to tiny pieces.

The concept is that the food is cooked by a circulation of hot air and sometimes oil. The hot air moves around within the cooking container, cooking the food on all sides at once.

Is air cooking a healthier option?

In theory the concept of cooking food in air rather than oil would make an air fryer a healthier cooking option. While the use of oil as a whole can be noticeably reduced, the effects on the overall cooking quality can still influence users to add more oil to improves the taste and finished result.

Although many people prefer the air fryer to a deep fryer, thanks to the big reduction in oil conumption, however when bought as a replacement for an oven it may be a different matter.

Great foods with the air fryer

Searching for air fryer lidl (friggitrice ad aria lidl) online will help you to start compiling a list of foods which are great for cooking in an air fryer. 

To get you started, results of trial cooking sessions have found that pre cooked or frozen foods do particularly well in an air fryer. Examples of these foods being chicken nuggets, chips and children’s smiley faces. 

Aside from the foods you can usually get hold of in most supermarkets n the frozen section, the air fryer also has a way with vegetables. Chickpeas and roasted vegetables are just two options where the fryer can excel.

As well as cooking for meals, the air fryer can also indulge your artistic self by conducting basic baking. Cleaning out the device after dinner, you can carry on using it to make some delectable donuts or even some brownies for afters. Something to please all the family.

Do you actually need an air fryer at home?

Despite sounding like a better, healthier cooking method on the page, an air fryer may not be an essential gadget to complete or improve your functioning kitchen. The lesser amount of oil is always welcome in a balanced diet, but there are many aspects of the machine which don’t justify having it taking up a lot of space in the kitchen. 

If you want one to compete with the neighbours or to impress family members go for it, but put it back in the cupboard later.

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