If you want to eat good foreign beef in Hong Kong, you have two main options – GMO American and Australian Grass-fed beef. A lot of people are not aware of the huge difference between these two types. Learn more on the difference here.

In this article, we’re going to talk some more about the differences between these and why it’s important always to choose the second one. Read on if you want to know more about this subject.

What is the main difference between them?

Some might ask themselves if this isn’t a trick question. What would cows eat if it isn’t grass, right? Well, there are alternatives.

When they are young, all calves eat grass. When they become old enough, their diet will change. Not on its own though. People who breed them will feed grains instead of the regular to them. These grains are often filled with GMO content which makes the beef big and juicy. At the same time it’s highly toxic and a possible cause for developing cancer.

On the other hand, the cows that were only bread in a natural environment and only given regular food for their diet are going to have a much different look and taste. Sure, the restaurants will not profit as much, but the meat will surely be healthier for the customers.

What does it mean – not profitable for the restaurants?

When a cow is fed with grains, it grows even more than the regular specie. It is caloric food so they become fatter much faster. That means they’ll be ready to go to the slaughterhouse faster and the breeder will get their money sooner than regular.

At the same time, it is more affordable than the standard option. Why? Because grains are cheap and the animal grows faster. The final result is a fast breaded product that takes no money from the producer’s pocket.

The following step is the meat to get to the restaurant. Having a cheap product means that the restaurant owner can sell it for the regular price and profit more than they are supposed to. Learn more on this subject on this link: https://www.accenture.com/us-en/_acnmedia/pdf-53/accenture-trends-for-food-industry.pdf.

This created another problem over the years of usage. The customers completely forgot how real grass-fed meat tastes like. If they are served the natural bred product, they have a feeling of eating something that’s not cooked well. They ask for the meat that they got used to.

Of course, it’s not healthy, filled with fats, but they love it. The customer obviously doesn’t care too much about their health when they go to the restaurant. They want to have a good time, eat delicious food, and pay a small amount for that service. Thus, grain beef wins.

Why grass-fed beef is better?

There are a few reasons why this type is better than the others. One of the most important ones is the health, of course.

Healthy bred animals are healthy food. Humans are carnivores and their organism is made for eating flesh. Cows have one of the best meat in the ecosystem and the reason for this is because they eat what usually grows from the ground in their usual habitat since forever. The digestive system of these animals is used to eating grass which means they are supposed to do that, and not eat corn.

A healthy grown cow is a portion of healthy food for the people eating it. It has the exact number of proteins, minerals, and calories that people need in a meal. On the other hand, the artificially grown one has none of this. The only thing that is left is the fabricated taste that people seem to love.

A very important reason why the food industry must ban the production of grain-fed cows is the problem it creates with the natural cycle of the planet. It may seem like nothing important for some, but human greed creates a chain braking in the circle of life.

How? Well, people use fertilizer to grow more crops to feed the cows. This land becomes useless after some time, so people add even more chemistry to it. All these chemicals go into the ground and later mix with the natural flow of the water. The sea evaporates and the rain that falls is full of toxins. The freshwater around the world becomes also toxic and fishes die as well just for the cows to grow faster and some person in a deep American field become richer.

All this tells you exactly why you only need to look for the best grass fed beef Hong Kong restaurants can offer. If more people are aware of this fact, then more of them will demand fresh meat that are regularly bred.

The humanism problem

There’s another problem here and it’s called the problem with humanism. It is true that people eat animals, but there’s a huge difference between using them for food and treating them right until the time for this comes and stuffing them with proteins just to make them fatter and make money out of them.

The Australian grass-fed cows spend all their lives in the field eating this food and living their life as they were doing it for centuries. With it, you can say that those who keep them in a herd and treat them properly can be called humane unlike those who only use them as money-making machines.


These few points tell you what the deal between the two options is and why it’s important to only accept the grass-fed beef meat. With it, you give support to an industry that is doing its best to provide a quality product for everyone, and at the same time, preserve the environment.

If we don’t care about the planet, we can be sure that it won’t take care of us either. We can’t be so arrogant as humans to think that our greedy actions will be tolerated.

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