Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the saying goes-, “One must always feast like a king during breakfast.” For growing kids too, breakfast is an important meal as it gives their body the required nutrients and vitamins.  It is a challenge to providea wholesome breakfast to a growing child that they would eat without compromising on the child’s health and nutrition.

An ideal healthy breakfast for a growing child must contain some complex carbohydrate, proteinand calcium. It is almost impossible to strike the perfect combination for them that they would love to gorge on. So, mommies wear your super apron and take a look at these interesting, easy and healthy breakfast recipes for kids.

  1. Pancakes with a twist:  

Kids love pancakes. You can twist the recipe to make something healthy without compromising on the taste. Simply switch the flour with oats powder and ragi powder. This will take care of the calcium requirement for a growing child. In addition, instead of adding refined white sugar that is nothing but calories, add some jaggery and caramelized banana slices to elevate the taste and sweeten the mixture. If your child is having, sweet cravings then sprinkle an extra layer of honey on the pancakes for him to devour on.

  1. Instant Dosa:

Now breakfast recipes need to be super quick as well as easy to make. Everyone is in a rush to leave home, and no matter what we do, everyone is perennially running late. Hence, the breakfast must be fuss-free that one can just grab and go without a mess. The best solution is dosa. You can tweak the traditional dosa recipe that is made with fermented rice and make it super-duper healthy by adding lentils in it also. This is one of the best ways to introduce complex carbohydrate in their breakfast in a simple and tasty manner.

  1. Filling sandwiches:

Kids love sandwiches as one can do so much with them. Layer your sandwich with butter, cheese and any one form of protein that your child likes like – egg, chicken or tuna fish. Also, ditch the usual white bread and opt for multigrain bread instead to make the bread nutritious.

  1. Milk Shakes

Milkshakes are a great way to start the day for growing kids. Milkshakes areas per the needs of a growing child’s health and nutrition requirement. They are made with milk and contain a fruit like banana and strawberry. To add an extra dose of health, you can add some seeds such aspumpkin or flax seeds that are loaded with goodness.

  1. Eggs:

Breakfasts are incomplete without eggs. Eggs are nutritious and contain choline that is beneficial for a growing child. The eggs can be served in various forms as per the child’s liking such as scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, poached eggs and so on.

Here are some quick, easy, yummy and nutritious breakfast recipes for kids that you can try at home for your growing kid.

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