So do you feel like you, “are what you eat”? This could be a good or bad thing but it really doesn’t matter if it’s meat, fried foods, potatoes, french fries, chocolate or cake your body takes the form of what you’re putting in it. If you think about it does make sense and you should keep this in mind every time you eat. It’s definitely not a bad thing to enjoy what you eat but moderation is key.

There’s no issue enjoying the foods you like on your diet plan but you have to keep in mind that some foods will help you lose weight and others aid in weight gain. If you’re interested in what foods to eat for weight loss then it’s important to eliminate the food that increases weight.

Here’s a good idea for you to limit how much you eat over a meal. Go with a cold soup as a great alternative low calorie meal. Broths are a good idea before a meal. A positive is consuming low calorie soups prior to a meal is that it’s an excellent method to reduce overeating foods that tend to cause you to add extra pounds. Another good thing is that having a low calorie soup/broth before your meal is that it can actually provide you with a sense of fullness so you don’t end up eating as much. If you’re drinking a good amount of water and having a light broth before you eat that’s a key secret many trying to lose weight don’t take advantage of.

It’s important to realize that there is no single food that serves as the perfect diet food no matter how much hype you read about. The important thing is if you know the difference between which foods promote losing weight and which contribute to weight gain. If you can distinguish the two you’re half way there. You need to identify these foods in your diet to make better decisions on your diet. It’s not a bad idea to analyze your regular foods and list them as weight losers or weight gainers and then adjust your diet from there.

A snack that’s great for weight loss are carrots due to its low calorie but high nutritional content such as vitamins A, C, beta carotene and fiber. Due to the fiber it fills you up preventing you from eating more than you should. Carrots are even more nutritious when cooked but make sure not to overcook them if you do. With raw carrots the cellular walls are tough and harder on the digestive system. Go ahead and try to steam them a bit before you eat them, it’s not too bad. Steaming vegetables will keep the nutrition value but help in digestion. If you get creative you could even steam your carrots in your low calorie broth!

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