Middle Eastern cuisine has become gradually in the Western culture of the 21st century because of its wide assortment of healthy dishes . Shawarma is one of the most popular Middle Eastern cuisines that are making the Western World crazy for more . It is a wrap or sandwich in which beef or lamb meat is placed in pita bread and layered with tahini sauce or Hummus . Chicken is not also exceptional for this street food . It is often a healthier choice.  Chicken Shawarma is a delicious dish marinated with chicken cut into small pieces that is usually served with pita bread,tabbouleh salad ,lavash bread,fattoush salad and taboon bread.  Endless variations are available for this comfort food according to a country’s culinary style . You can also serve it with the rice on a serving plate.  However,the most common fillings are hummus ,tahini ,pickled turnips and tomato ,etc . If you would like to to make this dish at home ,follow along to find out how to make a variety of Shawarma .

Lebanese food , Meat Shawarma :

This dish us very simple to make and you can easily make it at home . Prepare the following ingredients first then follow the instructions.


Half a pound of beef

Two tablespoons yogurt


Olive oil

An onion

Shawarma spices


Salt and pepper


Cut the meat into thin slices,mix grated onion,sour lemon ,grated garlic,olive oil ,yogurt and spices with the meat and refrigerated for 24 hours . After 24 hours you can fry this mixture in oil or you can put this mixture in in the oven for 1 hour to 1 hour and a half . Wrap meat in Lebanese bread with chopped parsley ,onion and cucumber with tahini sauce .

Lebanese food , Chicken Shawarma :

If you can’t red meat for any reason,try chicken shawarma . Ingredients and how to make chicken shawarma is similar to the previous,just use chicken instead of beef .


Two breasts

Olive oil

Fresh lemon juice

Salt and pepper


Shawarma spices


Like previous method ,mix all ingredients including olive oil,yogurt,spices,salt and pepper and fresh lemon juice with chicken and then refrigerated for a day to more taste . Roast chicken in oil or butter . Chop the chicken and fry the chicken pieces again . Wrap the chicken with chopped parsley,tahini sauce, chopped onion and cucumber in the bread .

Lebanese food , How to make Shawarma bread :

If you would like to make Shawarma bread at home,prepare the following ingredients and then make it according to instructions.  If you don’t have the time or the ingredients to make this bread ,you can buy Lebanese bread .


4 to 5 cups white flour

One tablespoon yeast

Two tablespoons sugar

Two eggs

A glass of water


Mix all these ingredients and knead until smooth . When the dough has become sticky ,add the flour . Cover the dough and put in a warm place . In this case ,the dough volume will increase and it will blow . Divide the dough into small pieces and cook or fry  in a pan .

Is Shawarma Good to Eat :

Undoubtedly,it is an easy snack or dinner ,but several studied have shown that this meal is far from healthy dishes . The marinated lamb or beef slices that are shaved off from the rotating meat cone which comprises several layers of fat . More6,the meat is heavily seasoned with spices which are high in sodium content.  Traditionally,it is served with hummus and garlic sauce that are both rich in calories.

However,chicken Shawarma is healthy and safe to eat. It contains no fat because it is fat-based eat . According to recent statistics,when you eat one lamb Shawarma,It provides 500 calories and 20g fat which is equal to 31% of an adults daily need of calories.

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