One of country music’s leading groups Parmalee is a top the music charts once again with their latest single Just The Way, but all we can think about is how great this song sounds while eating as much food as we want during these ‘lockdown’ days…. As the lyrics of the song say, “I love you just the way God made you, Girl, He don’t make mistakes. What you call your imperfections, I call beautiful, babe”... and of course, that relates to food and not worrying how I look or feel afterwards!

So, of course, with this song stuck in my head, I had to track down Parmalee’s Josh McSwain who is known as the group’s go-to man for when things need to be cooked / food-related, to find out more about his favorite dishes and how it all relates back to music too!

Hey Josh. So, cooking or music? Which fills you up more?

Ha ha, tough choice.  I love them both and they go hand in hand.  When I’m cooking there’s always music playing and when I’m onstage I’m always thinking about what we’re gonna eat after, lol!

What is your go-to meal to make in the kitchen?

I don’t have a real go-to meal but it would be something on the grill.  I basically go to the grocer everyday and just pick whatever looks the freshest.  If it turns out to be something I don’t know how to prepare, that’s even better.  God bless the internet!

What is your go-to meal while on the road touring to cook-up quickly?

Very limited cooking on the road but everyone loves my bus nachos!

Out of all the places you have been performing, which has had the best food/restaurants?

I’d have to say Memphis has some of my favorite food, but I can find something great just about anywhere

And finally: What would your “last meal” be if you had to pick it?

3″ bone in ribeye, grilled artichoke with aoli, lobster mac and cheese, cabernet sauvignon, and some homemade banana pudding.

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